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Versatile and Easy to Use – The Samsung One Connect Box

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The Samsung One Connect Box takes a lot of the hassle out of connecting your TV to your surround sound system. The One Connect Box really does make your life easier in so many ways. It allows all your devices to be neatly hidden away, so that cables and cords are out of the way, and there is no unsightly clutter on the entertainment centers or floor. In this article we’ll go over what this little box is all about, and why you should own one for yourself.

Primary function of the Samsung:

The primary function of the Samsung One Connect Box is to hide all your television connections for your AV equipment. The One Connect attaches to the wall, via a hidden slot in the back, and routes. All cable connections and video outputs to the wall. The One Connect also routes audio signals, and connects to your TV. For power and volume control. The One Connect also has connections for your DVD player, your VCR, and even has roomy input connections for your gaming systems.

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All your AV equipment needs will be taken care of with the Samsung One Connect, as it includes a dedicated power cord with an Ethernet port for all your connections. All you need to get your TV on is the One Connect box, and you are all set. There is no more worrying about missing the remote, or wrestling with the bulky TV stand. You can even keep the One Connect box in place when you have it on the wall, so that it blends seamlessly into the design of the rest of your room. No cables are visible, and your television is protected from scratches and bumps.

Feature of the samsung one connect box:

Another feature of the samsung one connect box that makes it a great choice for consumers is its easy compatibility with most televisions. With so many brands and models available on the market, it can be difficult to find the box that will work with your TV. With the samsung one connect box, you can be sure it will work with any brand of LCD TV.

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You can hide all those wires and avoid those ugly wires by using the samsung one connect box to hide them. Connecting your AV setup to your television is never a good idea, but you want to make sure you have everything you need right where you need it. Hiding the wires is easy to do, and this is the smart idea that makes this box such a good choice. You will have your television, your AV system, and your AV media cabinet on hand all at once, without having to look for anything else.

Cable arrangement on these boxes:

This one connect box is so versatile that you will want to keep one in your car too. You don’t have to worry about cables or wall adapters anymore when you watch your favorite TV shows or movies from your car! It works with your existing vehicles, and the power is completely out so there are no cords or holes to hide. You can easily watch your movies on your TV from your car, and nobody has to know that you have a television inside the car.

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The cable arrangement click here on these samsung one connect boxes is neat as well. Since you can hide all of the wires, you won’t have to deal with an unorganized bunch of cable lying everywhere. You can also purchase a power strip to hide the wire connection and keep everything clutter free. When it comes to hiding wires and eliminating cable clutter, this is one component that you won’t want to miss.


If you use your DVD player, your TV, your gaming console, and all of your other devices with televisions or other TV screens, you will find that a Samsung One connect box is a great investment because it gives you the option of adding in other devices. One of the best parts is that it can provide all of your entertainment options at one convenient location. You can plug in your headphones and speakers, and then play your favorite DVD or whatever it is that you want to watch. If you have a DVD player, Blu-Ray, or game console, you will love the convenience of having a single device to help streamline your entertainment needs.

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