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The growing popularity of GIF sharing websites like PutPut

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Graphic Interchange Format, popularly known as GIF has become quite a trend now. Ever since it was introduced in 1857 by online services provider CompuServe which was led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite, it has been quite popular on the World Wide Network of computers. Besides being popular on the Internet, these short animated videos have also found their place in the Oxford Dictionary. The American Wing of the Oxford Press Journal recognized the word as a verb as well in 2012. These facts certainly prove how GIFs have been successful in making their place and presence quite evident over the years. Due to the growing popularity of this format for sharing ideas and content, the need for creators to generate these animations have also seen quite a surge, eventually leading to emergence of many GIF creating websites.

The Ruling Factor on Social Media

Gif is the unique feature of storing multiple images in a single file, accompanied by control data to make short and wonderful animations. These short animations are very popular on the Web, especially among theĀ  social media users for the funny and relatable content it provides. The content of the gifs is suitable for every occasion and mood and this is the main reason why users can relate to it so much. With its popularity and increasing demand, people have started sharing these everywhere. With the increasing demand of these short animations, many websites like PutPut, Giphy, etc have seen this as an opportunity. Lustige gifs – gif lustig | PutPut contains numerous images, pictures, gifs that the audience loves and connects to. These animations have been quite a source of entertainment for the audience throughout the lockdown period as well.

The Growth of Gif Sharing Websites

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Gifs are wonderful, funny and relatable and help in expressing our emotions and feelings quite evidently which does not always happen with texting. Gifs help in making the conversation process online much more interesting and innovative. This is where gif generating websites like PutPut come in the picture to provide the latest and the best content. With the rise of gif exchanges on the Internet, especially on social media websites, Lustige gifs – gif lustig | PutPut has made sure to keep its audience entertained with the new content created on it regularly. The website has always been at par with the recent and evolving formats. This is why the website is so popular among its audience. Also, the best part is that the website is not just accessible on the web, but is available on app stores for both Android and Apple. PutPut not only allows viewing and sharing the gifs but also provides the platform for the enthusiastic content creators to upload their own created animations which can be viewed and shared by all on the website. Lustige gifs – gif lustig | PutPut has so far a collection of thousands of wonderful gifs, pictures and animations available for its users. These gifs are for every occasion and mood and are an excellent way to express your feelings and emotions in a matter of seconds. 


Gifs are an amazing source of entertainment which are suitable for every mood. They are an innovative way of interaction unlike the traditional method of texting which can be boring at times. With the pace at which gifs are gaining popularity, it is needless to say that they will be ruling not just on social media, but the whole web for a long time. And websites like PutPut will definitely ensure that they regularly keep their audience entertained with the latest Lustige gifs – gif lustig | PutPut. 

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