The Story Of TimeZero Navigator Has Just Gone Viral!

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If you love to explore new places and face the unknown, then this is a story for you.

Earlier this year, in July of 2017, a groundbreaking product was released to the world that has revolutionized GPS like never before: The TimeZero Navigator. It’s been making major waves and quickly going viral among those who love exploring uncharted territories. Why? Because it literally displays time as relative to where you are on the planet.

An anonymous user posted (in another thread) a pic of the screen of his smartphone with the TimeZero Navigator open. It was live, showing coordinates and current time. He was no longer in specific locations, but rather, in a timeline line that connected to all the places he’s been. This shows how much time is in-between to move from one location to the next and how far away you are at any given moment. It’s literally like seeing time move in front of you! He also posted a quick video of it during his travels.

In essence, it’s like having a “time machine” at your fingertips. But this is no futuristic gadget. It’s a simple, yet revolutionary product that you can get right now.

The TimeZero Navigator, it’s called, is an exciting handheld device that displays the relative time from one place to another on the Earth’s surface in an easy-to-understand map, and it comes with a proprietary application where you can see your entire global timeline line connecting to all locations you’ve visited anywhere on Earth! You can enter different locations in the world through its interactive map and switch between different places simply by rotating the device clockwise or counterclockwise until you find the one you want. The unit comes in two colors: black and white. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees. It’s your own personal time machine that will absolutely blow your mind.

How does it work? The TimeZero Navigator is a standalone device that doesn’t require a SIM card or Internet to work. It’s completely touch-screen-operated and there are no buttons. To turn it on, simply press the power button located on the top side of the unit. After that, scrolling through options is very easy with two simple buttons located on its right side: a directional pad (to move in the map) and a select button (to select). You can choose between 12 different languages and scroll through large font sizes to make your maps easier to read.

There are 4 main sections of the TimeZero Navigator’s screen: a city map, a temperature graph, a timeline line (that shows relative time), and an image of Earth from space. The City Map will display your current location on the map in addition to showing all locations that you have already visited since you bought the device. The Temperature Graph section will show you the current weather for any place you’ve visited on the map by simply tapping on it with your finger. The Timeline Line section will show you recent events from any place that you’ve visited since you activated the device. The image of Earth from space section will show a live view of the planet and relative time from any place you’ve visited since you activated the device.

When you first turn on the TimeZero Navigator, you can simply tap anywhere on its screen to place a marker and it will instantly display that location’s relative time along with current temperature and weather conditions. Once your device is turned on, all new locations that you enter in the Cities Map tab will appear in real-time along with their relative time within seconds. You can scroll through places by simply rotating the device clockwise or counterclockwise until you find the one you want.

The TimeZero Navigator represents a major breakthrough in modern GPS technology. It’s portable, affordable, and the perfect companion for those who love exploring the world around them. No more hours of planning where to go next or how to get there. Now you can just enter the coordinates of any location you want to visit and immediately view its relative time and current local temperature and weather conditions. You’ll know exactly when to leave your current location, what time you should get there (and how long it will take), and how long it will take from there to reach your next destination. All this information is displayed on your personalized map that you can carry with you anywhere in the world.