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Why Laravel is Good for Web Application Development?

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For a scalable, feature-rich, and fully functional app, it’s very important to choose the right platform for web development. Laravel is one of such powerful MVC PHP framework that provides a simple but elegant toolkit to developers for creating full-featured web applications.

Why Laravel is good for web application development? 

The amazing features of this framework are the answer that makes it the right choice for web development. Let’s explore a few of these key features;

  1. Lengthy programming gets easy
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Laravel allows accessing paid expert tutorials and free tutorials including Laracasts, practice tools, as well as specialized learning that help in resolving complex issues via coding. The information loaded on Laracasts makes lengthy programming easier. Also, the content on this platform is developed by experts to provide structured instructions for developing optimized solutions depending on the business needs. 

  1. Built-in project environment

Laravel framework provides an integrated project environment for developers which helps them by simplifying the complex and lengthy programming tasks. This is because the framework has a more structured and clear way of coding for web development fundamentals of diverse types. Speed, hassle-free, and easy way of development are the benefits for businesses due to which it’s better to go with Laravel development instead of other platforms.

  1. Unit testing
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This web framework provides the advantage of unit testing that creates easier to test applications while enhancing the chances of deployment of a flawless product. It allows performing many other tests that help avoid unexpected breakdowns which are possible when a developer is making a new update at any point in time.

  1. Supported by MVC

There are very few platforms that offer support to MVC and Laravel appears to be the winner over here. The benefit of MVC architecture is that it improves the overall performance, delivers better documentation, and provides multiple functionalities for the application; hence Laravel development is a smart option for businesses.

  1. Database migration
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The use of several development machines for the Synchronization of the database is one of the trickiest tasks for the developers. And, that’s where the Laravel framework offers great help. 

While working with Laravel, developers can share the databases with other developers in the team that saves time in the development process. This makes Laravel stand ahead as compared to other PHP frameworks.

  1. Blade templating engine

This is the unique feature of the Laravel platform because the Blade templating engine is insightful and works well with typical HTML/PHP code. Also, the lightweight templates allow creating extraordinary layouts easily.

To reduce the loading time of the website and create a good appeal, the developer can leverage the widgets of CSS. The best thing is that this translates as an improvement in the search engine ranking.

  1. Community support

Extensive community support is yet another best feature that makes businesses choose Laravel to develop a web application. This open-source platform has a vast community of experts backing it up.

This is very helpful if a Laravel developer or any team member comes across any issue during the development process, then the community provides the best assistance to resolve the concern. Ultimately, the chances of bottleneck and delay in the project get decreased.

  1. Libraries and configuration

The framework supports a multitude of development environments and lines up itself based on the platform where the app is running. This is because the authorization libraries are integrated into the platform. Moreover, the libraries of Laravel are made powerful by auto-complete features, which are not present in its peer PHP frameworks.

  1. Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a very crucial aspect when it is about web development and Laravel Framework helps here too. This framework gives the option of working with two main file systems namely Rackspace Cloud Storage and Amazon S3. Also, Laravel provides the same API for both storage options leading to smooth operations.

  1. Security

For any successful PHP website development project, security is one of the important components. Laravel Framework extends a considerable level of security parameters that are hardly present in other frameworks. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) tokens check all the requests on the POST as well as offers protection if there is any POST to GET request offering additional security for the framework. Laravel developer also tests how secure the application is as it depends on the code or structure they develop.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know that Laravel is truly a great choice for web development work. However, make sure to collaborate with a reputed Laravel development company or hire a dedicated Laravel developer so that you can leverage the maximum advantages of this framework.

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