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How to Ship a Car

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Think of these scenarios. You are relocating across the country or abroad because of a job or college, maybe you bought a car from an out-of-state dealership, or perhaps you are sending a car to a relative. Fact is, in any of the scenarios, you have to transport your vehicle over a long distance and enlisting the services of a reputable auto transport shipping company to ship your vehicle. Nevertheless, coordinating the details of shipping your car can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner. Not to worry, we have a couple of pointers to help you learn more about how to transport a vehicle.

Know your Shipping Carrier Options

When it comes to how your car is going to be shipped, you have two options. You can pick between an open carrier or an enclosed carrier.

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 When it comes to an open carrier, you have your vehicle shipped in an open trailer. You have probably seen these trailers traveling down the road stacked with cars. It is the most common option for shipping cars since it is cheaper. However, you should note that since your vehicle will be outdoors, it is at the mercy of the elements. Thus, it is more susceptible to dents and debris.

Enclosed carriers provide more protection for your car because an enclosed trailer ship it. However, it costs about 60 times more than shipping with an open carrier. Choosing an open-closed carrier is a better option if you transport a classic, exotic, or luxury car.

Check Out and Research Auto-Transport Companies

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While it can seem tempting, you should refrain from choosing an auto transport company based on price alone. Find a trusted supplier that can guarantee you a safe, on-time delivery. There are thousands of auto transport companies available in the market today. The challenging part is finding a good one. Thus, do your due diligence and thoroughly research a few auto-transport companies. You can check out the Federal Motor Carrier Society Administration, which allows you to look at the shipping company’s safety record, shipping business licenses, insurance records, and complaint history. You should also check out online reviews on sites like Yelp or Google. Again, ask friends and family about their experiences with shipping companies it can help you choose which company to use.

Factors that will affect the Price to Ship a Car

Once you find a company you like and have gotten a quote, you are probably wondering how they calculate the price. Here are the factors that may affect it.

  • Vehicle type and weight
  • The distance you are shipping it
  • Time of year- winter rates are usually lower
  • Type of shipping option
  • Functionality of car

Check Your Insurance Coverage

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Ensure you check with your auto-transport company on their liability insurance coverage and how the policy covers in case of an accident. It is also highly advisable you check your car insurance policy and see what their coverage is in the case of an accident. While shipping accidents are not that common, it is better to take caution.

Prepare your Car

Once you have everything set, all that’s left is shipping. Before it is shipped, ensure you do a thorough inspection of your car. While the shipping company will usually do a walk-around evaluation of your vehicle before loading it into the shipping truck, it is vital you also do your inspection. Take a few pre and post-shipment photos for evidence in case you have to file a damage claim.

Furthermore, you should check your car for any leaks, check your tire pressure and battery to ensure your vehicle is in top shape. Finally, remove any personal belongings from your car and leave ¼ tank of gas in the car for the short distances your automobile will have to travel.

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