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The Top Things to do in Southwest Harbor, Maine

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Southwest Harbor is a beautiful town located on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, famous for its beautiful yacht center and the local restaurants.

Popular for tourists the year around, Southwest Harbor is where you need to go if you love beaches. It is important that you have all the right documents with you before you travel – including the ESTA visa that you will need if you are from a VWP country.

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While the process to get one is easy, do note that you need to fill out all the details properly.

If you get esta denied, you need to check if you have filled out the ESTA application correctly. Then, take a look at your eligibility. If you have overstayed your previous visit to the country, you may be denied entry to the U.S. the next time. The denial can also take place because of having a criminal record, if you filled in some incorrect information, or more.Talk to an ESTA expert if you are unsure.

Bar Harbor Maine Beaches

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It is no secret that Harbor Maine has some lovely beaches. So, which ones should you visit first? Here is our list.

Sand Beach

It is a top-rated beach and often remains crowded. Along with beautiful seaside and sand, the place also offers an amusing view of small mountains where you can even hike. The trail on the beach – covered with forest – creates a perfect visit for nature lovers.

Seal Harbor Beach

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If you are coming with your family at Bar Maine, this is where you need to be. The sandy beach has scenic spots like Long Pond and Stanley Brook. It is less crowded too, making it a public beach that lets you explore beautiful peaceful views.

Bar Harbor Family Vacation

Bar Harbor is a perfect town for spending your vacation with your family. Some of the activities with your family in Bar Maine Harbor are –

Visit Acadia National Park

Visit Echo Lake Beach to swim Boat tours and have fun with your kids. Enjoy the day and end it with the view of a beautiful sunset at Cadillac Mountain.

Winter Harbor Ferry

The Bar Harbor location is near the seaport and is another spot to spend a beautiful evening with your family. Or get a ferry tour to explore the place at Winter Harbor Ferry.

A Good Range of Family Restaurants

Do not forget to try lobsters here. You can enjoy a fantastic, delicious meal with your family in Bar Harbor. Asticou Inn and Travellin’ Lobster are some of the best places you can have food with your family.

Living in Harbor, Maine

The Inn on Mount Desert

A sweet and delightful stay at the Inn will make your travelling even better. The Inn includes services like free breakfast, free access to Wi-Fi, and room services. The stay at the Inn is affordable, with a price of $91 per day.

Canterbury Cottage

The Canterbury Cottage is located near Acadia National Park, making it a perfect stay for the vacation. The cottage provides you with essential services and has a friendly environment. The price of the room for a day is $239.

Atlantic Oceanside Hotel and Event Center

A fantastic stay for sure – the hotel is very affordable and located right where you want it. It is an excellent stay at $146. You get an ocean view from every room – so you do not have to worry about missing out on the splendid views.

Bar Maine Nightlife

Sunset sail

The slow soundtrack and some drinks can add additional charm to the site. Sail Acadia, Quietside Cruise, and Mansell Boat Rentals give you a perfect opportunity to create an enchanting and memorable night at the Bar Maine.

Walking on the sand

A lovely late-night walk on the beach is the perfect way to end your day and release the stress from your body. The moonlight on the ocean and no crowd gives an excellent place to spend some quality time. Sand Beach is the best place for a night walk.

What should you know before traveling?

Traveling to the U.S. can be fun, but you do need to ensure that you have the proper travel document ready before you go. Getting your ESTA visa on time is important. Also, do know the travel restrictions, if any.

For instance, some countries do not allow HIV patients to enter the country, and some need documents to fill in before providing the permit to the person. If you wanted to know about hiv travel restrictions when visiting the U.S., here is what you need to know. The U.S. no longer considers HIV as a communicable disease, so you need to put down “no” in the ESTA form where they ask if you have a communicable disease.

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