Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Car for Family Vacation

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Saving on a car rental may appear a good idea for a road trip, but it is not because a family vacation could turn into a stressful adventure. Picking the wrong transport does not correspond to your needs is a mistake that costs much, at least comfort and good mood. 

Still not sure if vehicles for rent are worth your consideration? In this article, you can find all the prominent factors affecting the quality of travel and some tips for your next rental experience. 

1. High reliability with a newer vehicle

Rental agencies regularly maintain their auto park well and rid you of worries about having issues along the way. provides extensive choice with various car classes and offers to rent a 7 seater, family-friendly auto with a complete range of facilities for a few days or even longer trips. 

7 passenger car rental is a beneficial option because you get universal transport – you can remove seats and regulate the space in the cab as you wish, take a few more friends with you, or two additional bags. One more advantage is fuel economy, which can be more valuable than your car. 

2. Different roadability

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Cross-country rides and usual roadways are worlds apart. Off-roading is impossible for compact cars, leading to many difficulties and even danger. There is plenty of dirt, various damages, accidents, and a brief, risky prospect and low capability. So much better to take a Jeep Wrangler, SUV, or 4×4 with better safety features and keep peace in mind. 

Check the destination’s geography beforehand to view which car would suit a secure journey. 

3. Prolonging the life of your vehicle

Rental fees are frequently lower than a:

  • Four new tires.
  • Your car will obviously require it after the road trip following technical support.
  • Emergency car repair.

Mostly, surprise expenses are already covered with car insurance or a travel credit card provided by the company. Only choose which one is better for you. Think about a personal one? It also fits, but ask your agent just in case. 

4. More room – more pleasure

Perhaps, this is a primary reason to rent a bigger car. Bring more family members, equipment for camping and sports activities, more trunk space for staff, etc. – this necessity appears not every day.

On the other hand, for toddlers, be sure that the amount of luggage can increase and occupy the most space, which is not advisable. Remember that time on the road is a part of a trip, too, and the family should spend it well, having fun with games, listening to podcasts, or sleeping. 

5. New driver’s experience


Or extended drive test of desirable auto for purchase in the future? A luxurious bonus of car rental. On the temporary wheel, you’ll realize many things almost at once, whether the cup holders are vital if the entertainment system plays music better on this model, and the level of sound isolation. The list of pros and cons will turn out by itself. 

6. Flexible schedule

Complete freedom in control of your environment, absolutely no time frames. Move at your own pace and do what you want: eat, sleep, speak loudly, and stop when you need to. Public transport is cheaper, but can’t enable the same conditions. Additionally, it has a higher risk of being contracted with COVID-2019. And finally, the changes in the route won’t be a problem, because you can do it at any minute. 

7. Enlarged mileage

Putting miles on your vehicle costs at least 50 cents. Why? According to the distance you go through, the car wears down quicker. Unvolabe venture, isn’t it? Rented transport, as mentioned above, is more resistant. Get all in one – avoiding the obstacles on the journey and at home, when you almost cannot dispense without driving around. Of course, take care of your nerves and a car and let rental agents commit the rest of the troubles. 

8. Constant technique aid

Having 24/7 roadside assistance during the whole trip in the event of an unexpected like getting stuck on the move or the auto breaking right on the side seems vital for family trips. Accidents happen, but rental companies always stay in touch with clients and promptly provide help so you won’t be alone in that emergency. In extreme cases, they allow you to take a new rental and deliver it to you, wherever you are. 

9. Many upgrades of amenities, safety, and power

Ordinary auto for daily use, minivan, for example, cannot boast with blind-spot detection or powerful engine, which are so helpful in unfamiliar terrain. Well-equipped cab with extra USB chargers for all types of devices, Internet radio and Bluetooth, and alternative ways to manage your car with voice clues. Long driving hours in comfort will be nice and mostly relaxing.

10. Awesome pictures


Definitely, no one could refuse a stylish car just to show off, even on a family trip. Rides in a great-looking transport give another feel. The best first impression in the eyes of locals is assured. Confidence comes with luxury that saturates the car interior and the atmosphere. Rearrange your image a bit and catch the fresh vibe of that experience. 

Has your mind changed? Hope that soon you will be ready to make a decision, weighing the pros and cons. Until then, we would like to share some driving advice.

Tips for drivers

  • Wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes.
  • Protect your skin – apply the sunscreen on your face, hands and legs – they are always in direct sunlight.
  • Stay hydrated and take regular grabs. Healthy food is more appropriate. 
  • Take regular breaks. For long-distance driving – after every 200 km. 
  • Use good scents. Peppermint has a good influence on the organism, refreshing and concentrating.  
  • Share driving with your partner. Just state the additional driver in the rental contract. This function is chargeable. 


A family vacation is a responsible event, although it is designed for having fun and pleasure. Plan it well – and things will go smoothly. Wish you a safe road and a fantastic trip!