Guyzilian: Waxing Your Way to Star Beauty


What is Guyzilian? Guyzilian is a new hair removal product that promises dramatic results for men. It involves the use of nitrous oxide for men to wax away all excess genital hair, which includes that in the scrotum and penis. It also includes the buttocks. The product’s website claims that its use will:

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The advantage of waxing with guyzilian is that it is painless and minimally invasive. For the most part, there is no discomfort involved with guyzilian, at least compared to waxing. Another advantage of using guyzilian is that the treatment takes only about ten minutes, so you can get ready in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, guyzilian comes from Brazil, not the United States. That means you should be careful about getting a product that may be less effective than it’s intended to be. For example, the guyzilian Brazilian bikini wax does not work well on eyebrows. In addition, you may have trouble receiving professional grade products from Brazil if your country has stringent licensing regulations. In general, it is best to avoid Brazilian waxing services if you are not sure that your area is legal.

How to choose the right guyzilian waxing service? Like any other kind of hair removal, the effectiveness depends on the condition of the skin and hair being removed. A sensitive skin should be treated gently. If possible, a dermatologist should perform the wax treatment. Even so, there are now a few over-the-counter treatments available, so you don’t need to drive hundreds of miles to find a salon. There are now a few companies that offer quality guyzilian waxing services.

How are the results of guyzilian compared with natural waxing? One of the main differences is the recovery time. With natural waxing, the hair is gone quickly, but there is some regrowth afterward. It takes several weeks to grow out completely. However, with guyzilian, the hair will be gone for a longer period, but the regrowth is significantly reduced. In the end, you end up with virtually no hair to worry about, which is great news for men with facial hair.

Another thing that you should know before having guyzilian is that you can suffer from allergic reactions to the cream used to remove the hair. According to the guyzilian website, there is no such problem, but if you are prone to allergies, you may want to take care of that before starting waxing. Some people have even reported having blisters after waxing, although this is rare. A blisters will be very small, usually not more than an inch across, and will heal in a couple of days.

If you do suffer from allergies, however, you should probably take a few days off of waxing and wait until everything settles down. If you are prone to redness or discomfort, you may want to book an appointment for a topical solution to get rid of the discomfort. A topical solution will be better for your skin than wax, because it is much easier on your body and will not cause lasting redness or discomfort.

If you have never had guyzilian before, you should know that the hair is light and very manageable, so you can easily work it into any hairstyle you like. In addition, the wax tends to last longer than most traditional waxes, and you can usually return to a normal wax routine in less than a day. If you are very careful about what you apply, you can wax just about any part of your body with starpil, making it very easy to change up your look on a daily basis. You can use it to style your hair and then remove it the next day. As long as you are careful, you should not have any issues with this form of waxing.