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The beauty industry is booming right now with its billion-dollar economy. Everyone who’s anyone has a beauty line as the business line is very lucrative. With the rise of the beauty industry,...
Skin Care

5 Skin Care Tips for Absolutely Flawless Looks

Flawless clear skin is definitely every person’s dream! Indeed when you look radiant and glowing from inside, you can rock every look and outfit. But piling up a ton of makeup is...
Egypt's Fashion

Ancient Egypt’s Fashion: The Old Kingdom Era

The ancient Egyptians were known to be one of the most exceptional civilizations in history. They left behind so much for us to learn from, and we...
Perfect Tan You

4 Killer Tips for Getting A Perfect Tan You Need to Know

Many people crave to enjoy their vacation and come back with a perfect tan. It is possible, and all you are to do is to practice some activities that will enable you...
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Bifida Ferment: A Saviour for Super-scrubbed Skin

Our skin has a natural pH balance of 4.7. When we over-cleanse and over-scrub, we can throw off this delicate balance, exposing our skin to all sorts of issues and irritation.

How to Get Perfect Smokey Eyes?

Whether it is a birthday celebration, Christmas eve, Valentine’s day, corporate event, New year’s party or any other occasion, smokey eyes can make you look gorgeous and help you stand out in...
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Various eyeliner styles for beautiful eyes

Eyeliner is a favourite cosmetic product of most woman. No makeup is complete without eye makeup. Applying eyeliner can be drawn either above the upper or lower lashes, it can be drawn...
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Factors to think about when buying a tape Lace wig

Choosing the right human hair lace front wigs for you should be significant. But what should we do when you find a lace wig at a wig shop or online shopping? You...

Why Countless Patients Choose Botox

You don’t have to be immersed in the world of cosmetics to know about Botox. It’s a huge name in the beauty industry and is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments...
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6 Unique Skinfood Products You Should Not Miss

Have you ever imagined a beauty brand that chose to focus on foods, literally the foods we eat and make beauty products out of it? Sad to say, it would never be...