Purchase Criteria for Good Motorcycle Gear

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    Motorcycle gear is often ill-famed as awkward, boring and ugly. That’s why many motorcyclists decide to put fashion before safety – instead of riding their bike in a safe way, they prefer to wear normal street clothing. As motorcycle helmets are obligatory in many countries, most motorcyclists wear one. But even though the helmet is the key piece when it comes to safety on the motorbike, some still make their purchase decision based on looks rather than safety issues.

    Motorcycle Gear You Should Not Forego

    Motorcycling is one of the most dangerous ways of getting from one place to another. Seeing that a bike doesn´t offer any buffer or crumple zone, it’s only the motorcycle gear that can reduce the risk of injury for bikers. In order to be on the safe side, you should make sure to own and use functional motorcycle clothing and a good helmet. The following paragraphs tell you how to make your purchase decision on a broad and complex market.

    How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

    Good helmets can be expensive, which is why many people try to find a helmet that is within their budget and that looks cool. Even though both things are important, of course, they´re absolutely secondary and shouldn´t be your priorities. Instead, make sure that you look for helmets that are suitable for the type of riding you´re into: If off-road cycling is what you want to do, your helmet should have different features than one for racing or urban traffic.

    The respective types of helmets are always designed in a way where they can protect the parts of your head that are most likely to get injured in a crash. Once you know which kind of helmet you need, it all comes down to the most important criterion: the fit. Only a motorcycle helmet that fits you well, can protect you in case of an accident. In order to find the perfect helmet for your head shape, figure out which shape yours has: Is it round oval, long oval or intermediate oval? Only consider helmets that will match your shape.

    Apart from your shape of head, you should measure your head and determine its circumference right above your ears. Once you know about things like your head shape and your head circumference you can focus on looks and prices. But do make sure to try on your new helmet and to leave it on for at least half an hour: Pay attention to the way it slips onto your head and keep an eye on possible discomfort that may derive from wearing a helmet that is too tight. Your helmet should be the perfect mean between too tight and too loose and neither come off too easily nor put pressure on your head.

    How to Choose Motorcycle Clothing

    Motorcycle clothing doesn´t need to be boring and dull. Today, there are tons of nice motorcycle jackets, boots and gloves that are not only highly functional but also cool.

    But just like with helmets, there are other criteria to fulfill before focusing on looks and costs. There are motorcyclists, who decide to ride their bike wearing normal street clothing, but if you´ve ever seen the possible outcome of a proportionally unspectacular crash, you know how important it is to not only protect your head, but also your lower limbs, your spine, your arms and your shoulders.

    Make sure your motorcycle gear is of high quality. Before making your purchase decision, try to find out which materials were used, whether there are integrated protectors and where those are and if it guarantees a good fit. Clothing that has been designed for biking usually offers the motorcyclist the perfect fit for the inclined position on the bike. At the same time, it should protect you from the cold airflow and from cold temperatures in general. Even though you should not ride your bike when it’s raining heavily, your gear should be waterproof.