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5 Popular Hairstyles for African Women

5 Popular Hairstyles for African Women

A black woman’s hair is considered her crowning glory; she can style it straight, soft, curly, sleek, or otherwise, no matter the style, her hair is going to keep heads turning. There is no secret – natural hairstyles for black women are dominating the beauty scene. You will find hairstyles featuring hair that has not […]
7 Helpful Tips that wil

7 Helpful Tips that will Save every Petite Woman

There are probably perils of shopping disasters that a petite woman like you encountered. Being petite doesn’t mean that you are short and slim. Instead, these are women whose height is under...

Why Wear Human Hair Lace Wigs?

You will be surprised to know that human hair lace wigs are a perfect choice for combating hair loss, baldness, and low hairline. If you are one of those women who like...
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Tips for Happy and Healthy Hair

As many of you know, the hair on your head is very important. Everyone loves a thick, full mane that shines bright and looks healthy. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain the health and...
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E-commerce: The Next Big Thing in Women’s Clothing

The current trends in the market today as far as clothing is concerned are leaning towards online purchases. There have been several brick-and-mortar stores that have been closing but are opening and providing more...

10 things women need to know about thongs

Have you ever tried on a body-fitting dress and feared that your panty lines would be visible from behind? Well, thongs took over the lingerie market as soon as the 70s saw Rudi’s breezy...
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Tips to getting the perfect skin glow

Having radiant and glowing skin is the dream of every human being. A major component of a fresh and healthy skin is its natural glow. Things such as less sleep, stress, age, and what...
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Essentials Of Finding The Right Swimwear

Planning a day out at the beach but you are dreading over the time you will spend buying a swimsuit that is right for you?  We totally understand that struggle.  After all, it is never...
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Best dresses for tall women

When you are a tall woman, it’s very hard to find a dress that fits you well. Finding pants, sleeves, and blazers in good and required size are very tough to find. If you...

What I Wish Everyone Knew about Fashion Glasses

Thanks to our overexposure to a smart television, mobiles, and laptops, all day long we strain our eyes and put pressure on them. Due to our lifestyle, diet and eye strain,...