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How to Store Your Cowgirl Hat Safely?

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An avid cowgirl knows where to buy quality hats from. However, for some, it might not last longer; that is only when not stored in the right way. Have you been hanging your hat randomly wherever you want at home and leaving it behind when traveling? This is where you are wrong; being a true cowgirl you would now store your hats properly and take them with you on vacations and trips because we have got you covered. Continue reading to know what you have been missing out onabout cowgirl hats till now.

7 Tips to Store and Maintain the Shape of Your Hat

The way you store the hat plays a significant role in keeping its original shape. The Pink Cowgirl Hats are delicate and can easily be damaged. With proper storage and maintenance, the brim and crown of your hats can stay in shape and last for years and even decades! Follow the tips shared below to keep your hats in optimal condition.

1) Keep the hat away from sunlight

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Direct sunlight for long hours can damage the hat. At some point you might have gotten inspired by the western hat coolly hanging in the truck or car windows; this will drain the life of your cowgirl hat. Direct sunlight along with damaging the material and its fit, tends to fade the color of your hat. The best approach is to always store in the shade when not in need.

2) Clean the hat smartly

If at any point you feel like your hat is dirty, instead of washing it, always go for a soft brush, damp cloth, or a sponge to clean the speckles of dust. It is smart, to begin with, the left side at a 7’oclock direction and goes anticlockwise. Since you are a cowgirl hat lover, there are high chances, you wear it and go to a farm or have pets at home and have fur and lint on your hat. If so, you can easily take it off using the sticky side of the scotch tape and make it clean as new.


3) Protect the hat from moisture and heat

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Exposure to excessive moisture and high humidity can ruin your favorite hat just within a few months. If accompanied by excessive heat, the process can speed up and will cause irreparable damage to the cowgirl hat. Avoid leaving it near stoves, cars, or any other enclosed space that can get hot.

4) Use a box while traveling

Not just clothes but, traveling requires you to safely pack your other items too especially the glass products and accessories, as there are high chances of getting them damaged and lost along the way. Similarly, the white cowgirl hat needs extra care and should be kept in a box if you are not wearing it. However, it is best to go for a hat can to prevent moisture or loss. The box can be used if it is properly ventilated with a hole.

5) Put down the hat in a correct way

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People usually end up resting their hats on the brim, which causes a lot of pressure on them and a change in overall shape. Instead of the brim, lay down your hat on its crown. This way your hat won’t get crushed under pressure. Other options are to hang it on a stand or any available. The key to keeping your hat in shape is to avoid anything touching the brim. Keep in mind that the hats cannot be hanged and stored like this for the long term. Not only this, but you also have to keep in mind taking it off properly. Never take off your cowgirl hat with the support of the crown. To keep it in shape, always lift off the hat by its brim from either the front or back side and to maintain the beauty of your brim, make sure you keep it as close to the crown.

6) Let the hat dry naturally

There is nothing to be embarrassed about if your sweatband gets wet due to sweat or snow and rain. Turn the hat upside down so that the sweatband is facing the wall until it gets dry. Let your hat dry naturally and avoid using a hair dryer or any other means of heat to speed up the drying process.

7) Get help from a professional

At times, steps to save little cost can turn up into spending more. If you have crushable or foldable cowgirl hats, then all is good. Things get out of hand when you have a wool cowgirl hat. Indeed they look more aesthetic, but when damaged, it is best to take them to a professional. Usually, they help you out and fix the hat by reshaping it through steaming. Spending a few bucks on getting your cowgirl hat into shape every now and then is definitely worth it if you want to follow the fashion trend.

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Where to find the best cowgirl hats?

Cowgirl hats have become now an important part of an accessory. If you are worried about finding yourself one, we have the perfect place to recommend you. If you want some good quality cowgirl hats with a large variety, Pink Cowgirl Club is your go-to choice. From straw hats to leather hats, and felt hats they have it all. They even have event-specific cowgirl hats to make your day more cherishable; the section of bridal cowgirl hats and LED light ones would definitely make anyone drool. Here you can even search for cowgirl hats in your favorite color. As their name also shows, do not forget to check their special pink hats, which are available in the tiara, bridal, classic, and even LED light categories.


If you are a cowgirl hat lover and want to make the most of your hat, proper cleaning and care are the keys to lasting it longer, as every occasion demands a unique cowgirl hat. Your western hat can pass into generations if they are not mishandled and kept safely. It is not just a type of hat. It is a part of fashion that has been adoptedby Americans for centuries, especially. We hope this article has provided you with a deep insight into how you can store your cowgirl hat safely.

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