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Five Tips on How to Choose Your Outfit Based on Your Skin Tone

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When sprucing up your wardrobe, picking the ideal clothes can be tough. You need to figure out which shorts work best for your legs or what dress is flattering for your body. It’s also important to find clothes that match your skin undertone. While the mirror will help you determine which attire works best with your body’s contour, crosschecking your skin undertone with clothes requires a little science.

Not to worry, though; below are five surefire tips that will help you choose clothes based on your skin tone.

Determine Your Skin Undertone

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To clear up any confusion, the color you describe your skin with isn’t the same as your undertone. Your undertone is the color underneath your skin surface. The undertone is more critical than the general skin tone; it affects your overall hue. So, for example, your skin will change color depending on your tan, but your undertone won’t change.

There are only three different skin undertones: Cool, Warm, and Neutral. Therefore, to determine the shade of your undertone, you need to look for specific hues that stand out on your skin. For example, a warm-toned skin has a peach, yellow and gold tint, while cool consists of red, blue and pink hues. On the other hand, neutral undertones have a combination of hues from both warm and cool skins.

Find Colors That Match Your Skin Undertone

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Now that you know the color of your undertone, it’s time to find clothes that work best for your hue. It all comes down to determining what colors suit your skin type. For more on this check out this article – 10 colors than go with tan skin.

• Warm Skin Undertones 

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If you belong to this category, your perfect colors include green, brown, mustard yellow, and warm red.

• Cool Undertone

The best color for this skin hue includes blue, green, purple, lavender and pink. These colors will work well, especially if you choose pastels.

• Neutral Undertone

With this skin undertone, you can wear clothes of any color and still look fabulous. However, it would help to look for cooler shades other than too dark or too bright ones.

Learn How Your Skin Changes with Season

Although you may have determined your skin’s undertone, you need to know that your hue may be further divided according to season. These subdivisions will further craft your appearance to accentuate your undertone—the four-yearly seasons affecting these categories, including summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

Summer and winter are both cool tones, meaning that you should dress like people with cool undertones. The best outfit for spring and autumn, on the other hand, are similar to those of people with warm undertones.

Match Your Jewelry

No outfit is complete without a few pieces of jewelry. However, even with these pieces, you need to ensure that they go well with your undertone. Gold is the way to go if you want to add some jewelry on a warm undertone, although silver and platinum will work well. On the other hand, platinum and silver work best for people with cool undertones. Silver, rose gold, or a combination of both is best for people with neutral undertones.

Neutral Colors

While some shades match well with different skin undertones, others strike the right balance. These include sand, stone, true red, navy, eggplant, pink, and teal. These colors shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe as they work with every skin undertone, making them ideal for instances where you need to wear something in a hurry.

Key Takeaway

When putting together a wardrobe, you need to select clothes that match your skin undertone to ensure that you’ll always look fabulous on any given day. To get things right, you need to determine your undertone, learn what shades are ideal for you and learn how to match them with your jewelry. It’s also vital to have attires that go well with your skin tone as the seasons change. It would also help to have neutral colors when you need to wear something instantly.

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