Fountain of Youth: Natural Ways to Erase the Years Off Your Skin

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blue eyes 237438 1920

No one wants dull, dry, and discolored skin. If you happen to be suffering from these things, then it is time to change some of your habits. Should you be lucky enough not to see them on your skin, you must take proactive measures from putting on sunblock to taking SKIN DISCIPLINE™ supplements to prevent them from showing on your skin. This is the largest organ of your body that secures and holds all the other systems, so protecting and preserving it is of utmost importance.

To help you maintain healthy, young, and glowing skin, consider these natural beauty tips. Following them will help you ward of issues, prevent further deterioration, and heal existing damage:

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Perform a Regular Exercise Routine

If you want to have beautiful skin, everything starts from within. Never underestimate the power of exercise as it will help you glow. Sweating it out means you are releasing harmful toxins in your body through your pores. You also improve your blood circulation, ensuring that all your cells, especially your dermis cells, are supplied with rich oxygenated blood. You’ll be amazed that you will get fewer pimples and you will have improved skin elasticity with exercise.

Eat Clean and Healthy

There is truth to the adage you are what you eat. If you pack your body with junk food, then it will show in your skin. Imagine your hormones going on overdrive with excessive oil production, resulting in clogged pores. How unsightly! To maintain your youthful glow, it all starts with a proper, clean diet that’s packed with the right combination of carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The right cellular nutrition means you boost your immunity, which keeps all forms of illness away, including skin diseases.

Take the Right Supplements

Sometimes, you don’t eat enough of the right kinds of food. You could be in a rush, so you are unable to get the correct macronutrients. It is also common for the body to be unable to metabolize food properly, especially if you are feeling stressed out. To make sure you are covered, you have to take supplements.

However, not all supplements are created equal. You must pick the one with the right balance of ingredients to help optimize all your organ systems. A daily vitamin, like SKIN DISCIPLINE™, will work wonders in helping your body get the right combo of nutrients.


Load Up on Water

Hydration is the key to great skin. If you see a raisin, you will know why this grape is prune-like, dry, and full of wrinkles. The reason is it is dehydrated. To erase the lines off your face, drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. If you exercise or drink caffeine and tea, which are both diuretics, then you have to increase your water consumption. The body is made of 75% water, so if you don’t drink enough, the ugly results will be reflected on your skin.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleeping Beauty was definitely on the right track. If you want to preserve your youthful-looking skin, pay attention to your sleep habits. Getting at least eight hours of quality sleep per day is essential. They do call it beauty sleep for a reason. Your body recharges your cells best at night, with healing at its peak when you are asleep. If you don’t optimize your rest, the terrible effects will manifest in through eyebags and a sallow complexion.

Take Preventive Measures

If you don’t want your skin to pay the price, then take preventive measures. Make sure that you follow a cleansing routine. Never go to sleep with a dirty face. Apart from being unhygienic, this will result in clogged pores. Make sure you cleanse your face properly in the morning and night. For best results, nourish your skin with an organic moisturizer.

Most of all, do not forget to apply sunblock with at least SPF30. Even on cloudy days, slather on sunscreen because the harmful UV rays of the sun can still penetrate. Too much sun exposure will lead to premature age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause skin cancer. Ward off free radicals and fight sun damage by making it a habit to put on sunscreen whenever you step out of the house.

Final Word

You must take good care of your skin because it works hard to protect you from the harsh elements of nature. Taking care of this organ system is more than just washing your face. Be mindful of your daily routine and habits because this has a massive impact on your skin. By taking good care of it, you will look and feel amazing for many years to come.