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How to Wear Caps and Not Look Like a Teenager

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Caps are a must-have wardrobe accessory. Are you having a bad hair day? It doesn’t matter because caps provide a quick solution. 

Do you need to run to the store and don’t have time to do your hair? Don’t worry about it. Your trusty cap is there to save the day. 

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The history of the cap dates back to as early as 3,200BC. Over the years, the cap has seen many variations from the original. We now have popular options like baseball caps, snapbacks, and trucker caps.  

The best thing about caps is that anyone can wear them. Men, women, kids, teens, and the old can don one at any time. And there is no limitation on what to wear them with. 

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Now, you may find yourself shying away from wearing caps for one reason. They make you look like a teenager. Well, there are ways to turn that around. That is what we will share in this article.  

  1. Pick the Right Cap

Pairing your outfit with the right cap is critical. As we said, you have options when it comes to caps. These include:

  • Snapback caps have six panels, with the front being a little stiffer. This helps give the cap more structure. The Snapback comes from the plastic snap enclosure, which you can adjust to fit your head.
  • Trucker caps are adjustable and have a foam panel on the front, just above the brim. They typically consist of breathable mesh material. They are therefore very comfortable to wear, especially during hot days. Custom trucker caps are fantastic because you can specify the design on the cap exactly how you want it. They typically have a higher and broader front panel, making them ideal for branding purposes. If you have a company, trucker caps are excellent for generating visibility. 
  • 5-panel hats have a rounded profile and are a favorite amongst skateboarders
  • Fitted caps have one disadvantage. You cannot adjust them and must buy them in the correct size. In terms of construction, they are very similar to snapback caps.
  • The dad cap is one that an older person would wear. The design is simple, and the body does not have a structure. Many of them have a faded appearance as well. 
  • The sports or baseball cap has been around for a long time. Some manufacturers are going all out in the type of fabric and advanced manufacturing processes. They are a favorite amongst athletes and sportspeople.  
  1. Go for the Understated 
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Teens, by their nature, love to stand out. The more noticeable the design aspects, the better. You can expect visible logos or unique-looking caps. To avoid looking like them, go for minimal or understated designs.  

Consider fabrics like wool, suede, or corduroy. You could opt for the traditional baseball heart or the trucker cap variation. You will find that pairing your wardrobe staples with a cap looks great. 

  1. Wear Your Cap Facing the Front 

If you want to look like a teenager, wear the cap facing backward or sideways. That is a cool look for teens, which shows they are ‘with it’ in terms of fashion. 

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If you’re playing a sport, you may want to wear it that way to get the brim out of the way. 

A more mature person should wear the cap facing forward. It gives a more refined look, especially if you pair it with the right outfit.  

Are we saying that you should never wear your cap facing backward? The answer is no. Some people prefer to wear their caps backward. What you get is a more relaxed or carefree look. 

If that is your preferred style, then go ahead. But think carefully about the type of outfit you wear. Some contemporary styles will fit right in with the kind of look you want to achieve. Urban streetwear, for example, looks fantastic with a front or side facing placement. 

And please, avoid pushing the brim too low on your forehead. It will look like you are trying to hide your face or eyes. Don’t be surprised if people avoid you because it looks pretty suspicious. The brim should always point slightly upwards. People should be able to have a good view of your face. 

Teens may also mess with the peak by bending it. Do not interfere with the construction of the hat. You could end up destroying a perfectly good hat or look awkward in it. Leave the brim as, is or opt for a curved visor hat instead. 

  1. Blend the Cap with Your Ensemble  

Smart casual outfits look much better with a cap. It is like that final missing piece to get everything looking good. 

Go for a textured fabric and avoid any visible emblems or logos. Materials like suede give you a timeless, sophisticated look. If you like to stick to the trends, corduroy will work well. 

Avoid loud colors and go for more muted tones like navy blue, black, or gray. Those colors will give you a mature, more refined look. The other advantage of the more muted colors is that you can pair them with almost anything. 

Black, for example, is one color you can never go wrong with. The same should apply to the design. Stick to simple or classic designs that don’t draw too much attention. That means no bold prints or logos. 

It is also possible to wear caps with suits. If your job allows it, there is a way to go about it to get a contemporary look. A blazer over a t-shirt and sneakers will look fantastic. 

Please, remember to remove stickers from the caps. Finally, do not stick your ponytail through the back. Leave your hair loose and put the cap on top of it. 

Ok, you can make an exception during sweltering summer days when you want a cool breeze on your neck. To stay cool, opt for breathable mesh trucker hats.   

Final Thoughts

You can wear a cap and still look like the adult you are. It starts with choosing the right hat and complementing it with the perfect outfit. Wear the cap facing forward and opt for muted colors and designs. 

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