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Various eyeliner styles for beautiful eyes

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Eyeliner is a favourite cosmetic product of most woman. No makeup is complete without eye makeup. Applying eyeliner can be drawn either above the upper or lower lashes, it can be drawn on the water lines of the eyes as well. The main purpose of eyeliner is to make the lashes look lavish, and at the same time, draws attention to the eyes. Eyeliner enhances the eye’s shape and even changes them.

Eyeliners are available in many brands and many types. Getting the best eyeliner gives you the right effect. So, never compromise on the brand and type of eyeliner. Always go in for the eyeliner that is of premium quality as it is are applied to the eyes.

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Eyeliner styles are plenty, and the best way to define your eyes is to choose one that suits you. Eyeliners gives an illusion that your eyes are bigger and makes your eyes pop up while you use eyeshadows. Also, eyeliners boost your makeup style and help you get a dramatic look even though you have put a simple makeup.

Also, you can try out the faces Canada eye pencil that gives you a similar effect. However, when it comes to a makeup patter, there are certain tricks that you can include to define your facial features beautifully. The tricks can be experienced over time, and you will master them. One such trick is to analyse the eyeliner style that suits your facial features.

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Let us discuss a few of the best eyelinerstyles that are evergreen and might be included in your everyday makeup routine.

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  1. Cat eyes style – To get a neatly drawn cat eye, all you need is to draw a thin line on both the upper and lower eyelid. At the outer eye part, add a wing that gives a cat-eyed style.
  2. Natural style – To get a natural eyeliner style, you need to use a neutral eyeshadow colour together with a brown or black eyeliner that gives you a natural look.
  3. Swan style – Having a swan eyeliner style is ideal for costume parties. Just add some eye shadow and draw the eyeliner over the inner eye corner to get a swan look.
  4. Pattern style – Pattern eyeliner style is for makeup expert. If you experiment with your eyes, you can get creative by making your eyeliner designs.
  5. Glitter style – If you fancy glitters, then go in for a glitter eyeliner style. Include some glitter to your eyeliner using a glitter eyeliner pen or a glittery eye shadow above the eyeliner. Apply the glitters as soon as you apply the eyeliner while it is wet. When it is wet, the eyeliner will stick to it easily.
  6. Double winged style – For a rocky look, go for double winged eyeliner style. To get a double winged eyeliner style, draw eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids. Go on to create a curve wing on the upper eyelid while going for a straight line on the lower eyelid.
  7. Enclosed wing style – Enclosed wing eyeliner style is one of the unique styles. As the name says, it encloses the eye in a continuous wing and ends at the lower eyelid. Drag the eyeliner from the eye’s inner corner to the outer corner. Continue to draw the wing beneath the lower eyelid and stop it at half across the lower eyelid.
  8. Simple curved wing style – To get a simple curved wing eyeliner style, apply a line using thick strokes on the upper eyelid. Go on to complete with a medium-size wing that skims like a curved angle.
  9. Short winged style – Short winged eyeliner style is a simple style and one of the popular styles. This eyeliner style suits almost all face types and goes well either with or without makeup as it gives a natural look. Short wing style can be drawn by drawing a thick line on the upper eyelid and complete it with a small and slightly arched wing.
  10. Smoky style – Smoky eyeliner style is a beautiful style that gives a smokey eye look. Apply the eyeshadow first, and then go in to apply a think eyeliner layer on the top eyelid. Make use of gel eyeliner to get a smudged effect.

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