Buying Instagram Followers (seguidores de Instagram) – Pros and Cons

Instagram Followers

Among the many social networking sites, Instagram’s popularity has grown significantly over the years. Simultaneously the user’s lust for popularity has also increased tremendously. To become famous, they require large numbers of followers. Hence, people spend thousands on buying Instagram Followers (seguidores de instagram). However, is it worth it? Can it prove beneficial or hamper the user’s status? Scroll down to find answers to these questions!

How to Buy Instagram Followers-

Several companies in the market offer their services. These services include providing followers, increasing the number of likes, promotion of the user’s page, etc. The price depends on the service and the degree of the service chosen. These companies also provide the choice to buy fake followers or increase the numbers via real accounts. However, various users also fall prey to the temptation of popularity. They spend the money but do not receive the services. Hence, it is important to perform a background check of the chosen company and avoid services offered at cheap rates.

The Pros of Purchasing Followers-

  • A quick Surge of followers- For beginners, it is difficult to gain followers. When the novices buy Instagram Followers, (seguidores de Instagram) they get a much-needed boost for their respective pages. Henceforth, it is easy to gain new followers.
  • Helps in Promotional Activities– Instagram’s ability to interact with a larger audience helps in promotional activities. However, promotions require an active audience, and purchasing followers assist in the task.
  • Gives an edge over competitors– Increasing followers makes a product, brand, or the user popular. It also gives an edge over the competitors. The reason being, your content is seen, heard, and influences people.
  • Engaging Audience- Despite the best content or a large number of followers, the users do not like or share the content. The likes and comments are an indicator of popularity. Therefore, buying followers provides you with an engaging audience who share your content.

The Cons of Purchasing Followers-

  • Prone to Financial Traps- Users are vulnerable to financial frauds. After the payment is made, there is no sign of the services rendered. Sometimes, the company provides one-time services, and gradually the number of followers keeps declining.
  • Instagram may shun your account- The new Instagram feature allows you to recognize fake followers. In the long run, the user is bound to get caught. Consequently, Instagram shuns the respective accounts
  • Followers bought are easily recognizable- A sudden surge in the followers’ list can be easily identified. Moreover, these followers are not a part of an engaging audience. Hence, you come back to the start-line, despite buying followers.
  • Undo all your hard work – No matter, the quality of content or hard work you have put; if you are caught, it undoes all your popularity. You do not only lose followers but your credibility and authenticity too. Hence, trek cautiously.

Sum Up

Buying followers does not guarantee success. Rather the user should use honest means to trap followers. Posting engaging content, high-quality work, using right-promotion tactics are more than enough to gain popularity. It is better not to risk a hundred real followers for two hundred fake followers.