Online Remote Work Opportunities You Can Start Today

Online Remote Work

Virtually everyone can always use some extra cash. However, if you have a busy or unique lifestyle, there may not be time to work a second job or even a traditional one. You may be surprised at how many remote online jobs are available and how many different types from which to choose. Whatever your age, experience or flexibility you need, there is sure to be something that can help you pad your wallet for a rainy day.

Travel Planner

Planning vacations can be tedious for people who are picky and on a budget. As a travel planner, you can help all types of people plan the vacation of their dreams, whether staying in the same state or going to the other side of the world. It can be fun if you love traveling, participating in the Thrive Experience, and learning about various destinations.

Customer Service Chat Agent

Many companies need chat agents with good customer service skills and technical abilities. These jobs often require the rep to help customers with various issues, including ordering products or services, answering questions and troubleshooting electronics. Most of these businesses require you to have specific typing skills; some require a background in customer service and a knowledge of particular software.

Search Engine Evaluator

If you are good at web browsing, you may find that being a search engine evaluator is a great side job. Companies hire people to evaluate web pages and rate them. These companies provide guidelines. You can also find jobs evaluating social media and other internet content.

Micro Tasker

Maybe you already have a full-time job but would like some extra spending money each month. Doing micro tasks is an excellent way to spend little chunks of your time doing small projects online. They can be similar to virtual assistant jobs, just much smaller. Working micro tasks is also much more flexible than the other jobs in this article, as you can spend a few minutes doing a task whenever you have time.


Transcribing is typing into words the audio you hear from an audio or video file. You must have a good ear, as many files can be challenging to understand due to background noise or thick accents. You must also have good typing skills. Depending on the company for which you work, your jobs may vary widely from general topics like focus groups and interviews to medical and legal, even television shows. There can be plenty of variety in transcription. These jobs typically pay per audio hour.

Virtual Assistant

Many virtual assistant jobs are available, and this field is expected to grow over the years. These jobs can vary, working for different businesses and offering various kinds of assistance.


As a moderator, you will typically moderate social media content, online forums and chat rooms. Some companies have a particular demand for bilingual moderators.

Virtual Stylist

Do you have an excellent sense of fashion? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, you could be an online stylist. Several companies are always looking for virtual stylists to help customers create a look by choosing clothes that fit their personal stylist and budget.

Data Entry Worker

There’s not as much demand for data entry workers as some of the other jobs on this list. However, occasionally taking on a data entry project may help pad your wallet.


Several companies hire different types of tutors from around the world to share their knowledge with people of all ages on various subjects. Online tutoring may be ideal if you enjoy teaching but also want flexible remote work. You can also find online teaching assistant jobs.

Website Tester

Website testing is relatively easy if you’re comfortable navigating different websites. These companies usually pay per test. It could be an interesting job to make some extra cash.

Begin today by looking for your perfect online job. There are many opportunities to take advantage of skills you already possess, or you could even be paid to learn something new.