Top Five Celebrities and their Love for Lab Created Diamonds

bas van den eijkhof V93YXmZGZ0I unsplash
bas van den eijkhof V93YXmZGZ0I unsplash

There is no denying the fact diamonds are women’s best friends. It was 2019 when Megan Markle was spotted on a London street wearing her high heels and a chic coat. It was not her usual style that caught the attention of the people around, but her pair of dazzling drop earrings entrenched with diamonds. Yes! We are talking about lab created diamonds.

All about Lab grown, Lab created diamonds:

Lab created diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds or man-made diamonds take shape using the latest hi-tech process in a controlled laboratory setting. They follow the same procedures and conditions under which natural diamonds develop beneath the earth’s crust. The Chemical, physical and optical composition of lab grown diamonds is identical to mined diamonds. 

Why are they popular?

All thanks to the millennials and Gen Z for their fondness for the guilt-free gem. Their concern for not harming Mother Earth and the global community makes lab created diamonds the most widely accepted stones worldwide. They are the perfect choice for engagement rings. Talking about recent times, more celebrities are adorning lab-grown diamonds on events and red carpets. Companies are keen to manufacture more of these diamonds because of high demands and acceptance among people.

Most popular women and their love for lab created diamonds:

Lady Gaga

This American singer, songwriter, and actor is known for her musical versatility. Her extraordinary performance and mesmerizing voice in “A Star is Born” are something to be remembered forever. She is not only active in her humanitarian work but even conscious about making her style super stunning. Her gorgeous outfit accessorized with lab-grown diamond earrings by Anabela Chan made her fans spellbound at the premiere of “A Star is Born”. 

Kate Winslet

The Titanic lady was spotted wearing a gorgeous tennis bracelet made with lab-created diamonds at an event. She paired this elegant bracelet with a drop earring to add more splendor to her look. Tennis bracelets are popular for their minimal yet exquisite look. This stone-embedded jewelry made Winslet look stunning.

Penelope Cruz

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, the Spanish actor, Penelope Cruz comes to our mind. This international star collaborated with Atelier Swarovski to create some of the best lab grown diamonds. Her designs feature lab created diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Some celebrities were seen adorning Penelope’s creations at events and parties. Her jewelry collections include the finest lab-grown diamond-embedded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Although no one has observed Leonardo DiCaprio wearing lab created diamonds. The actor is worth mentioning in this article. He is one of the investors in the lab-grown diamond industry. He invested in Diamond Foundry Inc, a company known for developing lab created diamonds. Leonardo became a huge supporter of these ethically created diamonds immediately after his fiction thriller movie- “Blood Diamond” which highlighted the risk of the diamond mining industry.

Emma Watson

This eminent English actress and an activist known for her performances in independent and blockbuster films were spotted wearing a pair of ethically sourced lab-grown diamond earrings at Vanity Fair Oscar afterparty in 2018. The jewelry complemented the steep black dress that made her look no less than a fairy. 

Lab createdn diamonds are sure to overshine the world of diamonds

Picture of 1.01 Carats, Round Diamond with Excellent Cut, F Color, VS2 Clarity and Certified by GIA
1.01 Earth Grown GIA F VS2 Ideal Cut $8350      

Picture of Lab Created Diamond 1.01 Carats, Round with Excellent Cut, F Color, VS2 Clarity and Certified by IGI
1.01 Lab Grown F VS2 Ideal cut $1731