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Top Influencers In The Asian Community

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Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity in the West and has also spread to Asia. FinTech businesses in Asia have generated revenue worth billions of dollars, and experts have predicted that it will increase blockchain startups in the region. 

Some large businesses in Asia have already witnessed big breaks after implementing blockchain technology. 

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Some of the top Asian blockchain influencers include: 

Sopheap Lao

Sopheap Lao is the founder of XNotes Alliance, an innovative entrepreneur, and a technologist. XNotes Alliance is among the few organizations using blockchain and offering it in real-life business applications. 

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XNotes Alliance then developed a decentralized transaction system called XNotes Technology, which implements a revolutionary currency-agnostic, business-driven, and energy-efficient blockchain approach. 

It allows trusted issuers to safely develop and distribute assets in peer-to-peer digital transactions.

Amit Goel

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Amit Goel is a co-founder and Managing director at LTP (Let’s Talk Payments), founded in 2013. He created it as a research and content platform for FinTech industry expansion. LTP has consistently delivered original insights and reporting on FinTech industry news daily. 

Amit Goel is also behind a new FinTech engagement and research platform called MEDICI, which is powered by LTP. This subscription-based platform gives a good combination of engagement, interactivity, and insight. 

Alex Medana

Alex Medena is the CEO and co-founder of FinFabrik, a public speaker, and a Board Member in the FinTech Association Hong Kong. 

When asked about how companies can adapt and integrate blockchain technology in their operations, he said people have to separate blockchain and the distributing ledger. 

He said that the distributed ledger works better with transactions or banking exchanging data information. On the other hand, blockchain works best when you have data information. 

Jawan Lee

Juwan Lee is the CEO of NexChange, a social media and FinTech influencer, business person, speaker, investment professional, and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist. He also spent many years managing portfolios for proprietary trading desks, hedge funds, and asset managers. 

Antony Lewis

Antony Lewis is the Director of Research at R3 in Singapore and the founder of Bits on Blocks, founded in 2015. The Singapore-based blockchain technology blog provides practical and straightforward articles assessable to all business people, focusing on Asian businesses. 

After attending a conference in Singapore, he admitted that he has a mild obsession with Bitcoin price and market trends. He said that he believes distributed ledgers can impact how people do business in all industries. 

He says that is why he takes all he has learned about financial services, business, blockchain, and technology, makes it into something useful, and writes it in the blogs for everyone to access. 

Leo Shimada

Leo Shimada is the CEO and co-founder of Crowdo, a regional FinTech business providing a portfolio for securities crowdfunding and p2p lending solutions. The startup is based in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and has been the industry’s champion and pioneer in crowdfunding. 

Through that platform, they have created an equal opportunity for everybody to invest in the best SMEs in Asia. 

Bo Shen

Bo Shen is the VC firm Fen BuShi Capital founder, a company that has helped fund many startups in Asia. BlockShow Asia will show how people can implement blockchain and why it is the best choice for Asia’s retail, academia, banking, and research. 

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