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Vanity Mirrors: What to Look For When Buying One

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Vanity mirrors are something that we use every day and are an essential item for every household. They are used usually for grooming but when the right design is chosen, they can also be used to decorate your homes. A stylish mirror can reflect your personal style as well.

According to research, looking at our reflections every day is even beneficial for our mental well-being.

How to Choose the Perfect Mirror

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There are several things that you must consider while buying a mirror. Some of them are listed below.


The right mirror should fit on the wall. Consider how tall you are and if you can see your reflection in the mirror properly while installing it. Make sure it is an appropriate length for your shorter family members as well.

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Both small and large mirrors have their own purposes. While smaller mirrors may help you give a closer look at your reflection, bigger mirrors let you check your overall appearance. 


If you are buying a mirror for decorative purposes, consider the color of your walls and other decorative items. Your mirror shouldn’t look out of place! If confused, you can opt for neutral colors such as black and white.


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These days mirrors are available both with frames and without frames. If you want to buy a mirror for your bathroom, consider buying a mirror with a smaller frame. This will ensure there is more space for your reflection. 

You must also consider what the frame is made out of such as wood, aluminum, stone or something else. For decorative mirrors, make sure the frame matches well with its surroundings.


Mirrors come in primarily three shapes—square, rectangle and oval. Each of them serves its own purpose.

  • Square: These mirrors are smaller than rectangular and oval ones. You can opt for these if you have limited space.
  • Rectangle: These are hung either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs. They have a larger surface area than other mirrors. You must consider these if you have a large space to fill.
  • Oval: These mirrors add elegance to your space and are a great addition to your home as decorations.

Types of Vanity Mirrors

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

If your room doesn’t have proper light, you can opt for lighted vanity mirrors. They have in-built light in their frames which makes it easy to see them in poorly lit spaces or at night. These can also be great if you like taking mirror selfies!

Extendable Mirrors

As their name suggests, these mirrors are movable and can be used to take a closer look at reflections. These are great for shaving, applying makeup and any other such purposes.

The Final Reflection

You may not have put a lot of thought into them, but mirrors are an important addition to every home. They not only help with personal grooming but also complete the appearance of our homes.

There are so many options in the market. It would be easy for anyone to find a mirror for their needs. With these handy tips, you’ll find a perfect mirror in no time!

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