What are some excellent, modern, pop, Italian songs?

pop singer
pop singer

Italian pop has been a great genre set apart from all others.  The way the Italian language flows so effortlessly and the beauty of the words and lyrics is often enough reason for people to listen to songs on repeat- even if they don’t know what they’re saying.  If you want some fantastic modern Italian pop, but aren’t sure where to start, here are the top hits of recent years that you should check out!



Club music will always have a place in pop music!  La Canzone Nostra is no different, with its fast beat and passionate lyrics.  There’s something to be said for belting out along with him as he sings; it elevates the song and makes everything feel dramatic and new.  This tune is a fun song that deserves its number one spot on the charts.

Venere e Marte

Takagi & Ketra, Marco Mengoni & Frah Quintale

More on the R&B side of pop, these lyrics are almost shouted out with passion, interluding into the songs’ tune here or there in a beautiful way.  His voice carries you, almost echoing as it flows along with the melody and fun lyrics.


ESA Abrate

Like most Italian singers, Essa Abrate takes advantage of the smooth trilling and an almost fluid language.  This song feels like it drips off his tongue like honey; it’s sweet and melodic while also catching the imagination with imagery of love and passion.  It’s a great listen that belongs in the top ten.

il Mio Amico

Madame & Fabri Fibra

Madame’s high and almost artificial voice, mixed with a smooth beat and funky backtrack, make this sound one you can dance and work out to.  These lyrics are flirty and fun while making you want to get into motion.  If you’re looking for music to dance to, this is a must-have for any Spotify account!

Il Cielo Contromano


This song has been in and out of the top ten songs on the Italian charts for the last few months.  Not only does the synth accompanying music help the lyrics, but it adds an ethereal and beautiful sound reminiscent of Billie Eilish.  There’s a dreamy and beautiful sound to this song that will have you wanting to listen to it again and again. 

Una Canzone D’Amore Buttata Via

Vasco Rossi

Vasco has a more classic sound, bringing forth imagery of the 90s with this ballad.  His vocals echo through the song about love and need, and it will inspire a lovesick feeling in almost anyone.  Although it doesn’t sound like traditional, modern pop, the exciting take and gorgeous lyrics are enough to make it hit the top ten several times!

Italian music has so much to offer, especially with upbeat pop songs that you can work out or dance to.  There’s a reason all of these songs are at the top ten of the chart and why they’re going to live in those spots for a long time to come.