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5 Easy Style Solutions You Can Achieve with Tape

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You can use tape for more than just affixing paper to the wall. A tape is a versatile tool that can make quick and simple adjustments to your clothes to remedy many standard style issues.

They are inexpensive and easily available at online and offline stores with various sizes,  catering to your personal needs.

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Resorting to tape might be the answer if you seek an affordable wardrobe fix.

1. Hold a Collar Up

Tape is an excellent alternative to buying a new shirt or stitching up a hole in the collar if you want to preserve your current one-looking neat and crisp. Fixing it quickly and cheaply is easy to do. To avoid sticky residue on your clothes, use double-sided tape. You can find double-sided tape at any tape superstore.

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Has it ever happened to you when you put on a shirt or polo, and the collars are all over the place? Showing up to a formal event with wrinkled and flared collar can make anyone look scruffy.

For this reason, most people prefer to wear button-down shirts, but a small piece of double-sided tape placed inside the collar will also assist in holding it down during the day.

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You’ve probably seen more than your due proportion of collars that no amount of ironing could fix after being washed in the washing machine than you like to admit if you regularly machine wash your oxford shirts. 

2. Fix Frayed Shoelaces

Frayed shoelaces are an annoyance and a source of frustration. There is, however, a simple solution that you may use to bring your shoelace back to life. Don’t worry; this doesn’t involve anything expensive or complicated. Process tape is the only thing you’ll need.

To fix a shoelace that has frayed, you should start by cutting off the frayed ends. This will help keep the shoelace in place and looking good. The tape will adhere more securely if the ends of the shoelaces are uniform.

Then, slice off a hunk of tape a little more giant than the ragged strands of the shoelace. Cover the entire frayed area by wrapping the tape around the edges of the shoelace.

The tape should be snug, yet not too tightly, to prevent the shoelace from breaking. After securing it, you can tie the edges of the shoelace securely. In this way, the tape can be held in place more firmly. You can also use fashion tape to make your shoes look better. 

The shoelace will stay in place much better if you tie a knot or bow. Thanks to the tape, your shoelace should appear as good as new. 

3. De-bulk a Pocket

It’s become a fashion statement for some chic women to regularly cut the back pockets out of their pants so that they lay flat. You may achieve the same effect without making such a long-term commitment by taping the pocket shut from the inside.

Using tape to debulk a pocket is a simple method to give your clothing a more polished appearance. It can also give the pocket a more uniform look and retain its shape. 

Before sticking the tape, you should measure the pocket first to ensure the tape will fit. After you’ve got the measurements, you may trim the tape to match.

After the tape has been measured and cut to size, you can apply it to the pocket. Get started by removing the tape’s backing before sticking it to the pocket. Make sure the tape sticks to the pocket by pressing firmly on it.

It is possible to reduce the size of a bulky pocket once the tape has been applied. You should pull the tape outward from the center, making the pocket flatter and more consistent in appearance.

4. Alter Your Clothes Without Sewing

Modifying your clothing without sewing can be a terrific way to personalize your wardrobe without needing a sewing machine or a significant supply of sewing tools.

Tape is an excellent alternative to sewing for making quick and easy alterations to clothing. For example, you may shorten a dress by taping it together. Double-sided tape is your best bet if you anticipate needing to re-cut your hems.

The stakes are even higher if you care about the fabric not becoming ruined. It’s a fantastic method to make that bridesmaid dress suitable for a casual occasion. Double-sided tape is your best bet if you need to make a quick, temporary change that can be easily undone.

5. A Smooth Lapel

You can also use tape to smooth down and hold a lapel that refuses to stay where it should be. You can trust us when we say, even though this is an unconventional approach to lapel smoothing. You can also avoid wrinkles in your lapel by using tape.

You must spread the tape along the lapel and securely it with hard pressure. Once you’ve applied the tape, smooth the lapel with a cloth. To start, run the material down the tape from top to bottom, covering the entire lapel.

Make use of a pinpoint brush to reach into tight spaces. When removing the tape from the lapel, you need to show some caution once you’ve smoothed it out. If you want to remove it without ripping the fabric, you must do so carefully.

Your lapel should be wrinkle-free and smooth when you take off the tape. You can use an iron to press the lapel if you want to make sure it doesn’t have any wrinkles. To prevent burns, you should use a cloth between the iron and the fabric and a low-heat setting.

Final Words

A tape is valuable for addressing frequent wardrobe issues with personal presentations. By using tape, you may make a quick and easy temporary hem for skirts and dresses or use it to keep your wrap dress in place for a flawless fit. 

Last but not least, it can be used to make acceptable alterations to clothing, such as giving an item a more tailored appearance. Using tape to remedy common style issues, you can save time and money.

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