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Even though “the pen is mightier than the sword,” as Shakespeare put it, “the pen is not enough to produce a successful writer.” In truth, while we’d all like to think of ourselves as the next Shakespeare, imagination isn’t enough to write a good essay. We may require expert support from time to time, which you may obtain when you visit The norms of English essays, you see, are more systematic than you may imagine – and they can be as basic as counting to ten in many instances.

Steps to Writing a good Essay

Follow these steps to write a good essay:

  • Read and comprehend the message: Once you’ve decided on a topic, consider all the different supporting ideas you can discuss. Begin with the fundamentals of your concept, asking questions like what, where, who, when, why, and how. Make sure you understand what is being requested of you. It’s a good idea to break the topic down into sections.
  • Make a plan: Brainstorming and structuring your ideas will make writing your essay much easier. Making a chain of your ideas and supporting details is a smart idea.
  • Make use of sources and cite them: Do your homework. Never plagiarize, even if you use quotes and paraphrases from your sources.
  • Write a Draft: “The first draft of anything is usually rubbish,” as Ernest Hemingway once stated. While the reality of this statement is arguable, drafts are always a good place to get any “crappy” ideas out of the way, and lecturers and instructors frequently request them. But, in reality, a draft may help you organize your thoughts before you begin writing, saving you time by preventing you from going off on tangents or leaping from one topic to the next without a clear direction.
  • Make a compelling thesis statement: After you’ve done your research and brainstormed, write down your thesis statement. A thesis statement is a single or two-sentence summary of your essay’s main topic or argument. The thesis statement, in general, will present your major topic while also expressing your stance on the subject. The most significant item you’ll write is the essay’s thesis (primary argument). Make a solid case for it.
  • Proofread: After you’ve finished writing your initial draft, go over it again to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling issues. When doing this, you can utilize a service like Grammarly to get fresh “eyes” on your work, but don’t rely only on software—always examine your work personally or have someone else (human) do it! When editing, pay attention to the words you use: eliminate any extraneous words and replace weak verbs with powerful verbs. Make sure there are no errors in your response and that you haven’t overlooked anything.


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There’s a lot that goes into creating a good essay. Fortunately, these essay writing ideas will guide you through the process and put you on the road to a well-written essay. The worst thing you could do out of all these steps is plagiarizing someone else’s work. When you visit, you can get help from professionals. Aside from that, we wish you the best of luck on your journey to a flawless A!

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