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5 Fashion Tips to Instantly Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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Every man’s closet needs a refresh from time to time. When your clothes feel drab or don’t look as fresh as they used to, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be costly to buy quality clothing and create a signature look that lasts. The following tips will help you transform your wardrobe to feel more confident. 

1. Buy Fresh Men’s Essentials for Every Season 

All guys look great in essentials like men’s soft t-shirts and hoodies. When you buy a pack of classic tees in versatile colors, you get an instant style upgrade. The crew neck t-shirt is an excellent place to start because it fits all body types. The grey crew neck t-shirt is one of the most popular choices because it matches everything from jeans to khaki chinos. Maximize your upgrade with a pack of white and black crew necks, and you’ll have a solid foundation for all looks and occasions. 

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The v-neck t-shirt adds timeless, understated sophistication to your casual outfits. If you’re searching for fresh colors, garnet red and military green are trend-forward favorites. Shades like slate and charcoal enhance the appearance of jeans and slim-fit pants. If you’d like, you can pick up a pack of pocket tees or tall tees as a foundation for your outfits. Other popular choices include long-sleeve crew neck tees and henley shirts. 

When it comes to your second layer, choose hoodies that are made with soft cotton-poly fabric, so they’re comfortable enough for all weather conditions. Zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies made of warm fleece are ideal for layering in fall or winter. 

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When it gets warmer outside, hooded long-sleeves made with dynamic tri-blend material will help to keep you feeling cool and looking stylish. If you have quality shirts from last season, feel free to wear them. Donate shirts you know you won’t wear. 

2. Invest in Stylish Jackets for Layering 

A crew neck or pullover will help you look fresh and stylish, but you can do even more to enhance your outfits beyond your first layer of clothing. It’s easy to take your look up a notch with a new jacket or a layered combo of tee and hoodie. You can create attractive outfits for work and leisure with various jacket styles. 

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If you’re searching for some style inspiration, a nice brown or camel-colored blazer dresses up a casual shirt for a meeting. When you add a bomber jacket on top of a v-neck t-shirt and jeans, you instantly have an outfit for dinner or a night out. Some of the best casual jackets for men include field jackets and chore coats with plenty of pockets and stylish details. Denim jackets are always a solid choice, while trucker jackets and moto jackets add a rugged feel to button-ups and t-shirts. 

Elevate your style with a leather jacket in a neutral tone like olive or brown. Pea coats are warm and pair well with pullover sweaters and collared shirts. When you want something trend-forward to match your dress pants, go with a polished mac jacket or trench coat. 

3. Shop for New Pants Besides Jeans 

Most guys have a few good pairs of jeans, but they’re not enough to create a complete and dynamic men’s wardrobe. You’ll quickly upgrade your closet when you choose to wear different styles of pants that look attractive on many male body types, such as khakis and chinos. These styles pair well with v-necks and crew necks. They also look good with button-down shirts and henleys. When it comes to these men’s pants, olive and black are some of the most popular colors. You’ll find them in other neutral shades like brown and white. 

Slim-fit wool pants are an attractive pairing with blazers and sweaters when the weather gets cold. Corduroys are trend-forward and come in a ton of colors. You can lighten things up with drawstring trousers or cropped pants for spring and summer. Joggers are comfortable and casual, but you can dress them up with a pullover hoodie and a zip-up jacket. White sneakers and long coats can also help to elevate everyday outfits. 

4. Get a New Stylish Pair of Shoes 

No matter your signature look, good shoes will help to complete your ensemble. If it’s time to round out the footwear in your closet, search for missing seasonal styles. Warm weather calls for upgrades like leather loafers and canvas boat shoes. Desert boots and chukka boots can help to elevate your work ensembles and evening outfits in spring and summer. 

Make classic, comfortable choices for your fall style and winter fashion with helsea boots and service boots. Try monk-strap shoes or tassel loafers if you’re searching for something unique. Brogue shoes have detail that some men’s outfits are missing, while suede loafers are attractive and trend-forward choices for dates or travel. 

5. Find the Right Fit 

Even if you have fresh men’s essentials and stylish outerwear, it’s crucial to get the right fit for your clothing. A loose shirt or tight jacket can take away from the quality pieces you choose for your outfit. Before you make any swaps, look for some of the telltale signs of ill-fitting clothing. 

If your crew necks ride up on your body or your hoodie feels too tight on your back, it may be time to move up a size or measure your size more accurately. Other signs that you have the wrong fit include shirt sleeves that are too long and pants that keep falling off your waist. If you’re having difficulty getting into your jeans or khakis, it may be time to revisit your style or brand. 

Enhancing Your Men’s Wardrobe 

A few style enhancements and garment upgrades can make you feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe. Adding the proper layers and accents on top of your traditional basics will have you looking clean, no matter where you’re going. Complete your look with a fresh haircut and well-groomed facial hair. Focus on keeping your men’s essentials fresh, and you’ll consistently achieve a timeless, fresh look for every season and occasion. 

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