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7 Cool Jeans Trends to Follow This Summer

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Summers are the time of the year when you can showcase your fashion sense and get the most out of your wardrobe.

When it comes to daily fashion wear, Denim is one thing you cannot miss out on, and as the Denim industry is expanding, new trends and designs of denim are coming out every day, and you can get to choose from a wide range of fashion and colors. 

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So here is a list of the top 7 cool jeans trends to follow this summer, so keep reading to know more. 

Relaxed Fit 

Summers are when Relaxed Denim is in the most demand because of its loose fit and cool looks. These denim doesn’t only provide you with the necessary fashion statement but also with a very comfortable wearing experience. Relaxed Fits also come in various materials like cotton denim, stretchable denims, and various colors. Most denim companies aim to produce some of the most uniquely crafted designs of relaxed fits, giving you a chance to always search for some unique looks.

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High Rise

High Rise has been in fashion since the 80s, and with a constantly upgrading design, this denim is now a part of many modern trends. The best fact about High Rise Denim is that they go well with almost every cloth choice, like crop tops, tucked-in shirts, t-shirts, drop shoulders, and various others. In addition, high Rise or High Waist Jeans are manufactured by almost every popular denim brand and are a choice that can go well in every season.
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Arts And Crafts 

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Similar to ripped and boyfriend denim, Art and Craft jeans are new in trend. It is generally characterized by having unique prints and designs on them. This denim is generally of light colors with varied prints, and a majority of companies aim to produce each of its denim differently than the other. If you also have artistic taste and want to wear something unique, you can get yourself light-colored denim and draw on it in a manner you like. 

Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans are probably the most frequent variety of denim you will come across on the streets. Ripped Jeans have been in fashion since the early 2000s and have been extremely popular since then. A majority of stars are also found in ripped denim, and they are a major fashion statement for many brands of clothing.

Throw and Go Denim 

If you are looking for a tomboyish look or something with a more muscular vibe, throw-and-go denim is the choice. This denim is probably one of the oldest available variants, and you can easily find them in any popular denim store. The throw-and-go is a comfortable fit during summers and can help you in almost all your day-to-day chores with a strong fashion output.

Wide Legs Denim

A significant part of any fashion trend is always that it has blooming and weathering seasons for them. For example, wide Leg Denim was in fashion in the late 90s and early 20s, and they are slowly taking over the market again. Wearable on almost every cloth like Turtleneck, crop tops, hoodies, shirts, and others. 


The barrel fit is a new entry in the list of denim, and it is gaining popularity very rapidly. A tight waist and foot characterize Barrel Denim but a loose part in the middle. This barrel denim design provides space for movement and is an excellent choice for summer. You can easily fit into one, and it is majorly popular among people with average to high weight. Barrels denim is produced by almost every major production house, and you can also get it from various online stores. 

Warp Up

Denim is an essential part of fashion in the world nowadays, and there is hardly a day when you can’t see anyone in denim. During summer, denim becomes much more popular as they are very well with T-shirts, shirts, tops, and other comfortable accessories. If you are also a fan of denim, this summer, you must check out all the new variants of denim in the market and get some of the trendiest ones. Those mentioned above are some of the most popular denim variants that can keep you in fashion and provide a comfortable fit during the summer.

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