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Adorable Tube Top Dress

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Designers are always looking for the next big design. One of the latest trends in fashion is tube top-dresses. These dresses are the perfect length for a hot summer day and they come in some adorable colors. This dress style has been around for a while, but it recently made its way back into our lives and we couldn’t be happier! They come in so many different colors and designs that there’s something to fit your every need! In this blog post, we’ll talk about what makes a great tube top dress and some of the best places to find them online.

This dress is made of cotton spandex with spaghetti straps which makes it really comfortable to wear on warm days. The open-back design shows off your skin while still covering up the important parts!

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Designers have been looking at how to make fashion more sustainable and it seems like they may have found the answer. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, but this dress design has a built-in recycling program!

In order for something to be classified as ‘sustainable, it needs to meet certain standards including using less water or energy, producing less waste, and making better use of resources.

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Designers are finding ways to make sustainable clothing more accessible for people who want it. One way is by using recycled materials in the design process which not only limits waste but also makes your clothes last longer!

The dress pictured here has a zipper on the side that lets you get in and out of the dress without having to take it off, and an opening at the bottom so you can easily slip it on or remove it. There is also a pocket in the front that lets you store your phone while you’re wearing the dress too!

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In addition, there’s a built-in recycling program so when someone buys this design they are actually helping the environment.

Things to Know: make sure fabric is taut and straight as you sew. Avoid using pins or clips which can leave marks in the fabric that show through on the right side of your garment once it’s sewn together; use weights like books instead!

Don’t forget to put the dress on a dress form or mannequin for fitting before you sew it up.

Supplies: fabric, sewing machine

What You’ll Need – Cutting: scissors and straight pins (pins are optional). What You’ll Need – Sewing: sewing machine with thread and bobbin. Finishing: sewing machine with thread and bobbin, ironing board or another smooth surface to press the dress on, seam ripper (optional).

Measure your bust circumference around the widest part of your chest. This is not necessarily the same as a bra size!

Measure your waist circumference around the smallest part.

Measure your height and add two inches for a hemline (or take up for a dress you don’t want to show off too much). Let’s say I’m 60″ tall, so my dress needs to be 62″. If you’re not comfortable with heels but are wearing something shorter than a dress, you might want to add four inches for ease of walking.

Estimate the circumference around your arms where they’ll rest when in the armholes and add two or three inches more.

Cut a rectangle out of material that is about six times as long as it is wide (you can always adjust later). Cut a second rectangle of the same size.

Put a pencil or some sort of straight edge on top, and fold the longer piece in thirds (so that it’s as long as you want your dress). The result should be a three-layer tube with two matching edges.

Sew up one side, turn inside out and repeat with the other side.

Gather one end of the tube and tie it to a door handle or some similar anchor point, then pull on the other end until you have your dress length. Tie off that end as well.

Untie both ends and bring them in so that they meet at center back, then sew up from there.

To hem the bottom, fold under about two inches and sew one way across it; repeat on both sides of the dress.

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