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Today, there is a wide range of shapewear types available for women to help smooth and offer support to their bodies. Some of the shapewear is designed to target the midsection while others focus on the breasts, arms or buttocks. Besides helping to sculpt the body especially when wearing figure hugging outfits, they also help women to feel fabulous and confident. A good shapewear is the foundation of a good wardrobe.

If you are unsure where to start, finding the perfect piece of shapewear can be a little intimidating. Whether you hope to get rid of the lower belly pooch or get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape, Lover-Beauty is here to help. This online shapewear and waist trainer wholesale retailer offers a wide range of undergarments that help your clothes to fit better and also boost your confidence.

Read on to explore a variety of shapewear types by Lover-Beauty and why you should buy from them.

Why Should You Buy Shapewear From Lover-Beauty?

Lover-beauty is a market leader that has more than 10 years of experience in producing waist trainers and shapewear. They have over 300 styles for consumers to choose, whether for own use or for shapewear business. Lover-beauty is engaged in research, development and production of its shapewear and waist trainers. The collection relies on a combination of fabric and cutting-edge design to create shapewear with the best shaping effect. Their advanced manufacturing plant and professional quality controllers ensure that their shapewear and waist trainers are produced with the highest quality. Lover-Beauty also offers private labelling for those who want to start a shapewear business and you can be rest assured that this wholesale shapewear company will be able to help you scale your business.

Different Types of Shapewear From Lover-Beauty

Ahead are some of the shapewear that you can find at Lover-Beauty.

Shaping Bodysuits

Bodysuits are great for offering an all-round approach to a slimmer silhouette. They provide coverage from the bust, back and to the lower bottom. Bodysuit shapewear eliminates the bunching up that often occur underneath the bra and the top of the briefs. Shaping bodysuits are a versatile option that covers more of the body.

Skin Color Underbust Shapewear With Zipper Lace Trim Breathable

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Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts are like shaping briefs or panties. They offer the same high waistline that shapes and smooths the stomach area and waist. The difference is that shaper shorts are longer and offer thigh slimming support. These shorts are also specially designed to offer butt-lifting effect.

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Waist Trainers

Waist trainers or waist cinchers are the perfect garment to help define and sculpt the waist. They can create the timeless hourglass silhouette. Waist trainers are often made with latex and neoprene material, are available in different styles and compression levels. They can be worn all day or during workout to elevate your routine.

Leopard Print Neoprene Queen Size Waist Cincher Visual Effect

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Shaping Panties

Shapewear panties are just like your ordinary underwear but offers a tummy-smoothing effect. These high-rise butt lifter shapewear panties can flatten the tummy and lift the buttocks. Some of them come in innovative thong design that hides visible panty lines underneath the clothes. 

Nude 4 Steel Bones High Waist Shapewear Thong Body Slimmer

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