How Fashion Nova Made it Easy For Customers to Shop With Its Improved Interface

Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova

Gen Z consumers and other older customers want one thing – to find it very easy to shop the products they love.

When they start finding the process of getting what they want tedious, they tend to back off and find another brand to buy from. They don’t want a retailer where it will be too hard to find what they are looking for to be worth their time. They want a personalized experience, where they’ll get what they need within a short time frame.

Fashion Nova is one of the favorite retail companies of Gen Z shoppers. Many spend hours going through Fashion Nova’s new collections, looking for the best things to buy for their next outings.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at how Fashion Nova has made it easy for customers to shop on their website. What are the elements they put in place to reduce their bounce rate and retain more customers?

Let’s take a look.

How Fashion Nova Retains More Customers on their Site

1.      Easy Navigation

This is one of the best features on the Fashion Nova website. You can easily get whatever you want in just a few clicks. When you first get to the Fashion Nova site, you might see an email opt-in form for you to get an automatic discount on your purchases.

Who doesn’t want a discount?

You get to select whether you want to view the women, men, or curve category while filling out the form.

When you get into the site fully, you’ll notice the wide display of options to choose from at the top. At the extreme left, you can still change your viewing category from women to curve, or men.

Below, you’ll see other subcategories like shoes, jeans, tops, loungewear, matching sets, bottoms, accessories, new arrivals, clothing, and dresses.

This allows you to easily select what you’re looking for immediately when you enter the site. Within a few minutes, you can be out of there with your bags full of new, affordable clothes.

2.      Free Shipping

There are various discount options on the Fashion Nova site, but what caught our eyes was the free shipping option for people living in the US and Canada when they spend over $75.

This almost translates to free shipping for everyone in those countries, because there are so many amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories to pick from on the site that you will be spending way over $75 when you shop.

Fashion Nova made it easy on your pockets, allowing you to shop at almost-free prices and get free delivery, too.

3.      Recently Viewed

The recently viewed tab is another feature that we believe can make all the difference. This is another shopping personalization feature that Gen Z shoppers love.

For instance, if the picture of a dress catches your eye, but it isn’t what you came to buy, you can still find it even though you didn’t add it to your cart or favorites.

When you visit your recently viewed tab, you’ll be able to see all the items you’ve viewed on Fashion Nova with that device, even if you don’t log in.

Then, if you’ve picked the items you’d like to purchase from this tab, you can clear them all, so you only see new ones the next time you browse the site.

4.      Wishlist

This is similar to the recently viewed tab. But, unlike the recently viewed tab, it includes items you are saving to purchase later.

When you go to the Fashion Nova site to shop some pieces and you come across some brilliant ones you’d also like to have, you can add them to your Wishlist. The next time you come to shop on Fashion Nova, you can just put all the items on your wishlist into your cart.

It makes shopping a much easier experience, because you don’t need to start touring the site again in search of these pieces.

5.      On Sale

‘On Sale’ is one of the subcategories on the navigation, but we decided to add it as a feature you will love on the site.

Fashion Nova is known for selling very affordable clothes. You’ll discover that most Fashion Nova items are priced lower than $50. However, there are times when Fashion Nova sells items at prices even lower than their original price. Instead of looking for these items everywhere, you can easily find them under the ‘on sale’ section.

This means you can change your entire wardrobe with super affordable and high-quality clothes.

6.      Order Tracking

Order tracking makes it very easy for you to see your shipping information and tracking updates. That way you’ll know if your product is arriving sooner or later. This feature removes every bit of anxiety, as you don’t have to worry about the time it will take your package to arrive.

7.      Find the Fit

Find the Fit is one of the latest features on the Fashion Nova site that allows you to easily find any design you saw outside the site.

With this image search technology, you don’t have to look for products to buy by going through the site for hours. Fashion Nova has made it easy for you to shop in minutes and get on with doing other things.

To use this feature, all you need to do is upload a photo from your gallery or select the picture of one of the #NovaBabes displayed on the site.

8.      Payment Methods

Finally, Fashion Nova has made it so much easier to shop on the site with its multiple payment methods. There is an option for everyone to use to pay for the purchased items regardless of your location.

The site allows Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon, and AMEX, among others.

So, you can shop well, knowing you won’t have to go through fire to pay for the items.

Fashion Nova has included these various features on the website to help customers have a seamless browsing experience. You can easily shop on the website without stress, and purchase all the fashion products you want within a few minutes.