How to Combine Gildan Sweatshirts to Create Fashionable Outfits

gildan sweatshirts
gildan sweatshirts

Until now, Gildan sweatshirts were a common piece of clothing for sports practice, but nowadays, this item is one of the most worn pieces of clothing for women who always want to be fashionable.

Gildan hoodies are now one of the must-haves of this season. Although, at first glance, you wouldn’t say you can design quite many outfits starting from this piece. Its versatility allows you to wear it in sports or casual combinations and as a statement piece in a slightly elegant outfit. 

How to Wear Gildan Sweatshirts in Elegant Outfits

Gildan sweatshirts can be worn as part of an elegant outfit. Zipper sweatshirts or button sweatshirts are both excellent options when looking to emphasize your figure. If you are looking for a discreet look, you should not put too much effort; wear sweatshirts with a jacket, an overcoat, or a black leather jacket. Wear them with a pair of navy or black skinny jeans and a pair of boots or stiletto heels.

The New Women’s Sweatshirts in Smart-Casual Outfits

The mass-market stores bring to your attention the new hooded sweatshirts for women, without hoods, in the most vivid shades, which give a feminine note to such a sports garment. Your favorite pair of jeans, worn with Gildan hoodies with a floral print, as colorful as possible, a pair of shoes, or a men’s blazer (if the sweatshirt is not very thick) are the pieces that will help you make a smart-casual outfit for the day. For a slightly more non-conformist look, replace the floral print sweatshirt with one with various messages. When wearing such sweatshirts, do not hesitate to choose a statement necklace according to the style you approach. 

Gildan Hoodies for Girls in Outfits with Sporty Influences

For casual outfits, opt for an oversized sweatshirt with messages. Wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and, why not, with a men’s cap, to give a sporty look to the whole outfit.

If such a statement piece is not to your taste, you have Gildan hoodies with hood and zipper in the closet, most likely white, black or gray. Wear it over a wide top and complete your outfit with a pair of ripped jeans and ankle boots.

Rock Sweatshirts for Girls

Thanks to the sweatshirts with gothic motifs, a rock-chic spring outfit can be easily obtained. Are you among the fans of any legendary rock band? Don’t be afraid to wear Gildan sweatshirts with the name of your favorite artist written on them. You can add some rock-inspired accessories to a black or gray sweatshirt. You can be sure that you will find targets, spikes, or other objects that can be sewn or caught quite easily on your basic sweatshirt at the store. With a bit of creativity and skill, you can turn your seemingly banal sweatshirt into a piece that will not go unnoticed.

Ideas to Wear Sweatshirts to be Trendy

With suit pants. 

One of the most stylish (but also unexpected) combinations is the one made of Gildan hoodies and elegant suit pants. Yes, you got it right! It is a very versatile piece. Therefore, it is not only suitable for street outfits but also office outfits. How can you make it look stylish in such an outfit on the border between formal and office? Simple! Choose a plain sweatshirt model in a neutral color, which matches a pair of pants in the same color and heeled shoes in a vibrant shade. The visual effect is guaranteed!

With animal print. 

Animal print is a trendy print again, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to pair it with a sweatshirt. The only impediment, in this case, is the fact that the animal print is usually perceived as a “precious” print. Therefore, you need to get it out of this “precious” area with a pair of sneakers. So, a skirt or a pair of animal print pants can always make a good home with Gildan sweatshirts. It is an unusual combination, but it is guaranteed that you will not fail stylistically if you dare to go for it.

With a sequined skirt. 

Yes, you read that right! This item of clothing can also be worn with a sequined skirt. Pair it with your favorite sequin skirt and heels, and you’re ready for an evening out with friends or an important date. And if you want to adapt this outfit for the day, things are as simple as possible: add a pair of sneakers, and you’ve got a street outfit or even an office outfit. The secret is not to limit yourself when it comes to wearing Gildan hoodies but to try to experiment all the time, regardless of trends.

With shorts. 

The sweatshirt can also be integrated into an outfit that involves the presence of shorts. Specifically, Gildan sweatshirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sandals with heels can turn you into an appearance both at a more casual party and on the street. Also, if you prefer oversized variants, you should know that you can usually combine them with long boots, preferably over the knee. You should avoid wearing accessories in either case, as they will “load” the outfit. 

     Leather Jacket and Sweatshirt

Suppose you are in the line of modern non-conformist outfits, those street outfits that seem to come straight from the catwalk of international catwalks. In that case, you can dare to combine Gildan hoodies with the key items representative of these outfits. A hooded sweatshirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of tapered men’s trousers are among the most suitable outfits for any season. You can experiment with different outfits by choosing sweatshirts in different colors under the outer layer of clothing. You can even combine boots with oversized buckles and get a modern, authentic look. 

As you can see, Gildan sweatshirts can become a real staple in your wardrobe. You have to find the model that suits your physique and style and include it in as many day outfits as possible. Whatever choice you make, it’s just a matter of your personality.