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How to Figure Out Your Wedding Guest List

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No couple wants to be in the predicament of the wedding date is fast approaching, and there are still a number of details that have yet to be ironed out. From securing the venue, trying on wedding dresses, booking a caterer and more, organizing a wedding takes time and effort to ensure everything goes according to plan. There are a variety of ways to execute to perfection and the following guidelines can assist you in figuring out your wedding guest list.

Base it Off Budget

Every wedding has to start somewhere, and a budget keeps track of spending from beginning to end. How you reach that budget factors in many components, and no two couples are ever the same when it comes to reaching this amount and determining how to partition that budget for the wedding date. Once a budget has been agreed upon, the next step is delegating where the money goes and the deadlines attached with each item on your list. 

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As a couple, you will want first to find out what amount will be contributed by friends and family. After that, you must estimate the personal wedding budget that the two of you can afford that will serve as your baseline. This ballpark budget will determine the number of people you will comfortably invite to your party. This headcount will factor into a number of areas in the wedding, including the food and beverage, hotel, and reception budget. 

Specify the Plus-One Situation

No matter how well you plan, variables will pop up that will change your agenda. The couples that are able to navigate these issues that can arise at any time are usually the ones that are fairly stress-free as the wedding date gets closer. You want to keep these to a minimum, of course, and one of the best ways to do this is by specifying the plus-one situation. 

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If guests know beforehand, it is less likely to become an awkward situation where you have to act as both host and policeman of your own wedding. Not only can you alert guests nicely through a group email or chat, but you should also encourage everyone to RSVP as soon as possible to avoid any possible hiccups and headaches as the wedding date approaches. This is proper etiquette for a wedding, and most people know well to follow it as many have been through a similar situation in the past. 

Make Deadlines

Deadlines are a crucial element to a successfully planned wedding day, and this extends to not only the guest list and the RSVPs, but also the caterers and hotels blocked out for the special day. No matter who is attending the wedding, the one thing they all have in common is that they will have their particular deadlines and schedules associated with your big day. 

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You need all these to align in tandem because if deadlines are missed, it could create a domino effect and wreak havoc in other planned areas. If you must make tough decisions about deadlines, it is better to make them sooner than later so that you will be able to recover with an alternative solution. 

Talk With Family

Your family can help you in several ways for your wedding, and many times they will be eager to assist you in alleviating the stress surrounding the big day. Try sitting down with close family members on both sides of the family and deciding on how you can narrow the guest list down in a respectful way. Getting input from other family members can make this possibly painstaking process that much easier. 

Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Day

Every couple wants a wedding day that is not only memorable but as stress-free as possible. You want everyone there to feel the positive energy in the room and have memories of their own that last for years. Weddings that are successfully executed are usually carried out with clear plans adhered to by everyone involved. 

If you need to be creative in certain areas to ensure the best result, have no hesitations when making the decisions that make the process that much easier. At the end of the day, you want the feeling of the wedding to be as special as the event itself, so remember to do the best you can to create meaningful moments that are truly unforgettable.

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