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How to Find the Perfect Long Sleeve Dress for Any Occasion

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With fall in full swing, the nip in the air means packing away the summer clothing to make room for warmer items. Once the tank dresses are stored, it’s time to buy the latest fall fashions to look fabulous at work and play. Discover how to find the perfect long sleeve dress for any occasion this fall and winter.

Establish a Budget

Smart shoppers recognize the need to establish a budget before making purchases. Nobody wants to spend more than expected to get what they want. Plus, setting a budget helps shoppers find what they need without breaking the bank. Before you try to find a long sleeve dress, consider the cost and how you can stay within budget. Saving money often means being able to buy three dresses rather than one unless the shopper is focused on a specific style or designer. Flexible shoppers tend to find the most beautiful and unique outfits because they’re willing to experiment and try new things.

Measurements Matter

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The best shopping excursions start with taking measurements. People gain and lose weight constantly, based on their lifestyles and eating habits. Gaining or losing just an inch can make a significant difference in size and how a dress fits. Use a soft tape measure to find out the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips. Write down the measurements and check the size guide provided by the dress manufacturer. Sizes tend to vary based on the manufacturer, the country of origin, and other key factors. Taking accurate measurements is the only way to ensure a dress fits exactly as you like.

Essential Little Black Dress

When shoppers have a limited budget, finding the perfect dress is challenging. The goal is to invest in a dress that goes from work to an evening dinner seamlessly. For that reason, every woman should have an essential little black dress in the closet. Often three-quarter and long-sleeved dresses are the best options, as they can be worn most of the year. A black dress with sheer sleeves can also be worn during the summertime. Consider your body shape and best features when shopping for the quintessential black dress. If you have shapely legs, choose a shorter skirt. Wrap dresses accentuate an hourglass figure, while an empire waist helps to hide a tummy bulge.

The Long and Short of It

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Long sleeve dresses are available in a myriad of lengths. While short skirts are less popular during the chilly months, they are still a gorgeous look for special occasions. Consider investing in a pair of warm tights and high boots to pair with a shorter skirt to stay warm. Maxi dresses continue to be a popular choice for women of all ages and sizes, especially during the coldest months of the year. The classic option of a mid-length skirt works well for all venues, making it a traditional choice when shopping for long sleeve dresses.

Sheer Joy

Long sleeves don’t have to make the wearer overheated when there are numerous sheer options to consider. Lace sleeves add a touch of sensual appeal to a long sleeve dress, showing the skin without being obvious. Sheer materials give the dress a gossamer and mystical feel, which is perfect for fall harvest events. Some long sleeves are split down the center to give the wearer plenty of air when needed. Fortunately, long sleeve dresses are available that provide both warmth and coolness when needed. Look for sheer sleeves that can be pushed up or removed for several different looks.

Puffed Up

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The puffy sleeve of yesterday has make a comeback, along with shoulder pads and puffed shoulders. For women who are slim on top, these long sleeve dresses add dimension and bulk. Puffy sleeves also bring a feeling of femininity and drama to any outfit. Sleeves can be puffy at the top or to the wrist, depending on the look you like best. Winged sleeves are another comfortable choice that resembles a shawl for a fall look that goes well into wintertime.

Roll Up the Sleeves

Long sleeves can also be rolled up, with buttons to hold them at or above the elbow. This level of versatility is ideal for women who perspire and want to get instant relief when wearing long sleeves. It takes just a few seconds to roll up the sleeves and get a whole new look. When you feel warm or want to work hard, the sleeves can be pushed back and stay up because they re buttoned. Look for sleeves that have tabs and buttons so you can push them up without having them come back down in a few minutes.

Soft Knits

One of the most popular long sleeve dresses is the knit dress. A sweater dress hugs all your curves and makes you look shapely. Plus, it is a warm option when you are going out in a dress during the coldest days of the year. Choose from a variety of soft materials, such as cotton, acrylic, and cashmere. Knit dresses coupled with a classic blazer are perfect for work. Choose a slinky knit dress to wear for evenings on the town. Knit dresses come in every length to flatter all figure types. Curvy women can opt for plus-size knit dresses that accentuate their shape perfectly for a sense of confidence.

Now that the weather is cold again, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and add some of the latest dress styles. Long sleeve dresses can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Add heels and rhinestones for a late-night dinner or pearls and ballet flats to go to work. Choose from three-quarter and long sleeves in a variety of materials, ranging from sheer to thick.

Remember to measure yourself before shopping and set a budget so you feel good about your purchases. Comparison shop and read the latest fashion publications to add the hottest dresses to your wardrobe to wear on the coldest days of the season ahead.

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