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Jewellery Trends You Should Consider In  2022 

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When you are a jewellery person or when you want to buy someone their favourite jewellery you need to buy something unique and fun as well. There are so many brands out there such as CLED that produce jewellery.  You need to find the right brand so that you don’t end up purchasing low-quality jewellery. Knowing how to choose the right jewellery can be difficult because of all the options in the market. In case you are not familiar with various types of jewellery, this article will give you an easy time when it comes to selecting the right accessory for you. 

Types of jewellery you should buy in 2022 

1. Upcycled jewellery 

This type of jewellery is an amazing way to avoid any issues that come from mining or sourcing new resources. When it comes to names such as CLED normally use discontinued materials such as glass to come up with new and extraordinary accessories like necklaces and bracelets. This particular name decided to reuse materials like glass so that they could come up with the best accessories in the market. Almost all their pieces are made from glass and every piece is handcrafted with amazing detail. You also don’t have to go out mining to create these particular gems. 

2. Ethically sourced classics 

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Classics such as gold hoops, bracelets and pendant necklaces are always in style and never grow old. Accessories like chunky accessories and gold accessories never grow out of style and they are also very affordable. Other than making the most amazing jewellery this particular brand offers work to women and non-binary people who are seeking leadership support. 

3. Eco-friendly watches 

Watches are also amazing accessories to add to your collection. Names such as Solios are committed to using recycled plastic for their wristbands. The benefit of this particular brand is that they go with any type of outfit that you wear. These particular watches also use renewable energy sources. 

4. Brilliant Earth 

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This particular brand has a history of credible and endurable practices, making it the most favourable jewellery you can ever want to purchase for yourself or as a gift for your loved one or friend. This particular name was the first brand to offer traceability of a particular diamond’s origin and ownership. When you purchase this jewellery, you will be able to trace its diamonds and you can also trace it in case you lose it. The gems used are recyclable and they are also validated and audited as well. 


ABLE is a brand that gives multiple women in Nashville business opportunities. All the pieces produced by this brand are normally made from recycled materials. 


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There are so many brands out there to choose from when it comes to purchasing any form of Jewellery and it might be difficult to select something great that resonates with your style. This article has made it easier for you to identify the type of trends to consider when you want to purchase your favourite accessory. 

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