Learn About the Types of Clothing Gildan Brands Offers


Gildan is one of the largest and leading brands in the clothing industry. They do wholesale as well as the retail business of clothing.  There are various types of apparels available at Gildan clothing stores for every family member, from adults to children. They are very famous for the blank wear style of clothing in the market. They give the customer an option of customizing; an excellent and exciting feature of Gildan. This helps us customize our clothes of any design or print of our choice, which is an advantage. 

The Ultimate Gildan T-Shirt Styles Guide – NYFIFTH BLOG

Here are some types of clothing lines which you can try according to your comfort.

Ultra Cotton

In this type of gildan clothing, they use 100% cotton as fabric in their shirts and T-shirts. They are very comfortable and cozy to wear. Ultra cotton is among one of their heaviest clothing lines without the see-through effect. This is made up of preshrunk fabric which prevents the shirt from getting smaller. The 100 percent cotton gives the clothes the strength to stand against the drying and dust particles, which can easily damage the other fabric material. 

Ultra cotton is a trendy line of clothing among people when it comes to wearing comfortable t-shirts.

Heavy Cotton

The popularity of cotton wearers led to the launch of this line of clothing. They tend to provide the customer with pure and best quality cotton t-shirts. Heavy cotton is tough and gives the best sturdy look to individuals. It is available for both men and women in different styles. They have multiple options of colors so that everyone can get their favorite color t-shirts. They are stylish and comforting to wear. The heavy cotton t-shirt is available in full sleeves as well as half sleeves and both in round and v- neck. 

You too can go for this option if you like to wear a cotton t-shirt. 

The Ultimate Gildan T-Shirt Styles Guide – NYFIFTH BLOG

Dry Blend

This type of clothing attracts both natural and synthetic fiber lovers. A dry blend is the mixture of half cotton and half polyester. This has its features and benefits when it comes to using Dry blend t-shirts. The cotton makes it breathable and relaxed and provides comfort, and polyester absorbs an individual’s sweat to keep the body cool in hot summers. They also prevent foul – odor in shirts and T-shirts, which is an outstanding blend feature. 

Gildan doesn’t stop on these, but they have another line, such as active wear and sweatshirts and hoodies for winters. Again, any individual can find the perfect fit t-shirts here and that too in significantly less price.