When looking for a swimsuit, one might be confused and overwhelmed with the plethora of available options. While two-piece bikinis have been around a long time, one-piece bikinis are making a comeback into the fashion game with strong, quirky prints in bright and bold colors. 

To top it off, they also have cutouts giving them a fun and youthful spin. When visiting a beach or a pool this season, consider switching from a two-piece to a one piece bikini suit. Down below are all the reasons why we think you should give this a shot!

It is very trendy

Not many women are aware of the types of one-piece suits available at the moment. There are various reasons why a one-piece makes a better choice this season, but the most important reason is that it is very chic! 

One can stand out while wearing a one-piece for all the right reasons while having fun. Since they are available in many colors and patterns, one can choose what they are most comfortable with and have a great time while looking confident and bold. 

One-piece suits are no longer dull and frumpy. They have embraced the edgy look!

A fitted one-piece bikini is super comfortable!

Two-piece bikinis are very unforgiving for a few body types. It isn’t easy to find a two-piece bikini offering both coverage and support, though some are quite amazing. For those trying out swimwear for the first time and find them overwhelming and intimidating, a one-piece might be the best option as it offers support and coverage and lets you have fun without worrying about any slip-ups or accidents.

Huge variety in selection

Contrary to popular belief, there are many kinds of one-piece suits available in the market—both in stores and online. With different textures, cutouts, frills, patterns, and colors, they have a lot more to offer than expected. 

One can find them with different kinds of fastenings; a few have lace-ups, buttons, and tie-ups similar to that of a two-piece bikini. Moreover, they also allow one to be athletic and get their laps done while looking great! When the fit is right, they are not restrictive and offer great movement and flexibility.

A handy fashion piece

If one is out of new clothes and wants to experiment with their looks, throwing a one-piece with a skirt or a pair of trousers can make a great outfit! Like a two-piece, they make for a great straight out of beach date outfit idea, especially when there are no changing rooms.

There are also a few things that one needs to keep in mind while considering buying a one-piece suit. Traditional bikinis have their advantages because if someone is looking to get an even tan, one-piece does little to no good. Since it covers up more than two-piece, it is not the ideal choice for tanning. A two-piece also offers the flexibility of mixing and matching, which is not possible with a one-piece. We can also find various padding levels and wiring in bikinis, but we cannot see them in one-pieces not meant for rigorous sports and activities. 

No matter what swimwear one might end up choosing, what matters the most is that it should fit them well, support them, offer movement and flexibility, and should make them feel comfortable.