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Step By Step Guide To Make Clipping On Halloween wigs

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Indisputably, Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in many countries around the world. It is being celebrated by the people of all races, religions, and creeds. Be it Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, or Australia. No corner of the world remained untouched by its soaring popularity.

According to the survey, the top few countries that celebrate Halloween are- England, Spain, the USA, China, Russia, Japan, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

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In countries like Ireland, Canada, and the United States, traditions include costume parties, trick-or-treating, pranks, and games.

Halloween festival gets the swanky touch because of the associated Halloween costumes. The costumes give Halloween an edge over other festivals.

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During this festival, Halloween enthusiasts spend a lot of money on sparkling costumes. They also start buying costumes months before Halloween night in order to get the exact costumes they want. However, you need to follow some specific tips and tricks to get the perfect Halloween costumes at the best prices. Such as,

1) Decide your budget.

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2) Choose your look and style.

3) Shop in advance.

4) Buy from sell or thrift stores.

5) Check the weather forecast for Halloween night.

6) Pick the perfect size and material.

7) Think about costume reusability.

8) Think about safety and comfort.

9) Allocate a budget for matching accessories.

10) Test and Trial.

If you follow these 10 tips, we assure you that you will get the best Halloween costumes at the best rates. At the same time, Halloween accessories are just as relevant as Halloween costumes. But, again, you need to follow some tips and tricks while buying accessories like cheap Halloween wigs or cheap shoes. Such as,

1) First and foremost, decide the accessories budget.

2) Check the accessories’ material and quality.

3) Check its comfort level and reusability.

4) Don’t forget to visit the thrift stores that sell wigs for women. 

Once you follow these necessary steps, you will definitely find quality accessories like Halloween wigs or Halloween shoes. You can even directly buy cheap wigs online from websites like Nunique. In the next section, we will share tips on how to make clippings on Halloween wigs.

Hair clips in extension are great for those looking for a fast and easy temporary style change. Hair clipping is also great for people who want to add extra density and fullness throughout their hair. Besides, clippings are also suitable for a pop of color or highlights throughout your hair, and it can be done in mens wigs as well as in womens wigs.

However, please note that clippings are temporary extensions and should be removed at the end of each day. Below are the materials and accessories that you need to install clips in Halloween wigs.

A. Scissors

B. Weaving thread

C. Curved sewing needles

D. The clips that match your Halloween wigs color 

Steps To Add Clips On Halloween Wigs:

  1. Insert thread in your sewing needle.
  2. Take out your hair bundle and cut the elastic band at the end to unwrap the bundle.
  3. Next, bring the two ends of the bundle together. Weave the thread through the end.
  4. Make sure that each knit is tight and close to the adjacent knits.
  5. Once you finish sewing the webs, tie a knot, and cut the thread off.
  6. Check the webs to make sure knitting is perfect.
  7. Once your webs are sewn together, measure the nape of your neck and cut the web where needed.
  8. Once you cut the weft, pull away any excess hair that could shed later.
  9. The next task is to sew the clips onto the webs.
  10. First of all, open all the clips. This will help us from stitching it in the wrong direction. Remember, it is hard to remove the clip from the root once it is sewed. So better, be careful.
  11. Now, place the clip at the end of the weft, thread the needle through the weft, and the tiny hole of the clip. Make sure you place the hole right on the top.
  12. Repeat the same step for every hole of the clip.
  13. Now move towards other holes at the end of the clip by sewing through the comb teeth and around the weft. You can sew alternate comb teeth and not all.
  14. Once you reach another end, sew the hole as you did in the beginning.
  15. Tie a tight knot at the end. Cut the thread.
  16. Now check the clip’s grip with the hair extension and do the required changes, if needed.
  17. Repeat the same process for every extension.

Your hair extension clip is ready! You can flaunt it at Halloween parties, birthday parties or anywhere you want. In the next section, we will understand the tricks and tips on how to take care of the Halloween wigs. 

10 Tips To Take Care Of Halloween Wigs

  1. Always keep a brush with you. Nicely brush the wig after every use.
  2. Put a hair tie to ensure the hair doesn’t tangle.
  3. Keep the Halloween wigs inside a box or a safe place.
  4. Always brush the hair throughout the day while you have worn the wig to ensure it doesn’t get tangled.
  5. Never sleep with your Halloween wigs extension.
  6. Never go to shower or swim with the clipping hair extension. It might damage your natural hair too.
  7. To control hair shedding, wash them after every four weeks.
  8. Avoid using hair products to control shedding. The more you use the hair products, the more you need to wash the Halloween wigs. This will make the hair dry, and accelerate the shedding.
  9. Never color your hair extensions on your own. Always contact a hair colorist who is specialized in coloring hair extensions.
  10. Mix a conditioner in water and deep the Halloween wigs into it. Let it sit overnight. Rinse them off in the morning. Hang to dry.

Conclusion: In this blog, we learned that buying cheap Halloween wigs, clipping Halloween wigs, or preserving the Halloween wigs is not a big deal. We also learned about how easy it is to clip the Halloween wigs at home. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can efficiently execute all these tasks at home without any professional help. Happy Halloween!

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