The Most Flattering Clothing Items for You

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Dressing for your body type allows you to really love your clothes! Most people don’t realize that the reason why they feel like they “never have anything to wear” when they look in their closets is because they keep stocking up on clothing that doesn’t really suit them. That means they’re never truly excited to wear what they own because they don’t get the confidence-boosting, look-at-me-now fit that allows them to truly feel present in their skin. A new world of feeling confident in clothes that you love opens up once you determine your true shape and what works best for you.

Tips for Finding More Flattering Clothing

Figuring out how to dress for your shape is a tad scientific. First, you have to actually identify your shape. You might be surprised that your shape isn’t what you’ve always assumed it was once you use a formula for dressing for your body shape. Once you know which of the six different shapes you have, you can start styling yourself in a way that makes you really love the fit of your clothing!

Clothing Tips for a Rectangle Figure

If you have a rectangular shape, it’s all about going flowy! Things like flowy skirts, bell sleeves and “poofy” shoulders look amazing on a rectangular body because they add “volume” to your shape. Large, bold prints also look amazing with a rectangular shape! For jeans, choose a subtle flare leg.

Clothing Tips for a Pear Figure

For a pear shape, style choices like peplum and belted waists are so flattering. Square and V-shape necklines on tops and dresses also work beautifully with this shape. For jeans, low-rise and skinny styles are especially flattering.

Clothing Tips for an Inverted Triangle Figure

When you have pronounced shoulders, one trick is to create balance by showing off your legs. That means that things like above-the-knee skirts and rompers look amazing on a triangle shape. You can also use skinny, straight-legged jeans to accentuate the leg line.

Clothing Tips for an Hourglass Figure

Necklines are important for defining the hourglass shape. A V-neck or rounded neckline can look just right! Tees and blouses should be fitted at the waist. In fact, you might want to consider tucking in shirts that other people would wear “loosely” to create that cinched, defined look at the waist. As far as jeans, skinny jeans and jeggings pair beautifully with an hourglass shape.

Clothing Tips for a Spoon Figure

If you have a “spoon” figure, you actually get to have the most fun with tops! That’s because spoons can use whimsical, romantic tops to create balance by bringing the focal point to the shoulders, neckline and bust. Empire tops are perfect for spoon figures. Additionally, cold-shoulder and drape-sleeve blouses bring volume to the top portion of the body to create a very balanced, symmetrical look. You can also feel free to be a little “extra” with things like princess sleeves, ruffles and scarf-style tops. As far as jeans, straight-leg cuts help to create a narrower, more streamlined look. A-line and tulip skirts are also must-have “dressy” staples for spoon shapes!

Clothing Tips for a Diamond Figure

Diamonds can create balance by drawing attention to the legs. This can be done with everything from shorter shorts to soft leggings. Straight-leg jeans are preferred for diamonds. Additionally, plunging necklines can help a person with a diamond shape to elongate the look of the neck. Lastly, solid colors help to create an elongated, uniform look that won’t “chop the body” in odd spots.

Building the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Body Shape

First, it’s important to dress in the things that you love! The fact of the matter is that the best way to look confident and stylish is to simply appreciate every inch of your body. Of course, people who want to build a closet full of clothes that they can count on to look polished and custom in a snap can choose to build a wardrobe by body type for easy, confident fashion moments! Fashion is fun once you break down the science of choosing clothing based on your true body style!