What kinds of women’s pants are the right fit for you?  


Picking out the right pair of pants makes a huge difference. Not only do you have to worry about looking comfortable, you want to make sure that your look is stylish. Not only do you have to figure that out, but some pants simply look better for certain situations than others. If you need help picking out the right pair of pants, then this article is perfect for you.

The best kinds of women’s pants

Finding women’s pants can be a tricky task for a variety of reasons, chief among those reasons finding the right fit. Sizing for women for clothes in general tends to be somewhat complicated, at least far more complicated than it is for guys’ clothes. It feels like for each article of clothing, they use a dart board to figure out what number to slap on said piece of clothing. Some women’s clothing manufacturers do it better, especially in more recent years, but it is still a problem that just about any woman can relate to experiencing.


Jeans are kind of the default kind of pants, and one of the types of pants that people’s minds turn to when they think about a generic pair of pants. Jeans are not just material, but also their aesthetic. They come in different colors, and can even be washed in such a way to give them a more standout style. Jeans are quite the versatile thing, being able to be used while working, relaxing, hanging out, or even going to an event. In order to maximize their utility in these settings however, make sure that you wear other clothes that compliment them. Jeans may be a highly adaptable piece of clothing, but that does not mean that the same plaid shirt a person wears while doing labor is the right shirt to wear with your jeans to a fancy event.

Beyond just the color and wash of the jeans, the fit is also a big deal. For example, skinny jeans were a huge deal with a lot of people, especially younger people. These jeans have narrow pants legs and a small opening for the legs.

Dress pants

Dress pants are a great option for when you want to look good for a formal or semiformal function, and tend to be pretty commonly used by a lot of people. For example, you likely see workers who wear dress pants at places like Walmart and McDonald’s.


Leggings are a solid option for a variety of settings, but especially if you are in the mood to laze about at home. They are a great option for when you’re feeling casual, and are especially good if you are the kind of person to wear a skirt in the winter. No matter how much you might like a good skirt, you probably don’t enjoy frostbitten legs.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are the perfect combination between having a good style and having good utility. Granted, cargo pants don’t look good in every situation (or, at least, it is not easy to wear them in every situation), but when they do, they look downright awesome. Cargo pants are named the way they are for good reason too: they literally help you with cargo, at least small cargo anyway. Cargo pants typically have a lot of pockets up and down your pants legs, meaning you could easily go about town without taking a purse. These pockets can often fit your phone, wallet, and more.

Fatigue Trousers

There are a lot of great aesthetics for pants out there, though no one style will appeal to everyone. Such is the case with fatigue trousers, which are popular both with people who like the camouflage pattern utilized in the US military, and people who like their pants to be more focused on being utilitarian than anything else. These kinds of pants are an excellent wear when you want to go with a laid back or casual getup.


Overalls may be a niche these days, but it’s quite the popular niche nonetheless. Overalls were huge in the 90s, but they fell off eventually. Thankfully, they picked up steam recently, once again becoming trendy. There are a lot of ways that a person can wear overalls, and a lot of looks they can sport. For instance, if you’re going for a “flower child” work, overalls can be a must-have. Yet, you can also simply go for a cutesy look if that’s what gets your motor going.


Bell-bottoms are not quite as big a trend as overalls at the moment, but it can’t be denied that they haven’t been coming back into style. Gaining popularity in the 1960s, bell-bottoms are noteworthy for how wide the pants exit was (hence “bell-bottoms”). Much like a lot of other trends from that era, bell-bottoms fell out of vogue for a long time. However, for people who like the retro look, they certainly find an audience.