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How to Choose the Right Nose Pin to Suit Your Face?

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Nose pins can be a hit or miss among people. While some individuals prefer the look of smaller nose pins, some women like to go all out and spend their coins on some of the lavish designs. It doesn’t matter what you prefer because choosing the ideal Melorra nose studs require a bit of research, especially when it comes to the shape of your face and what would look the best on your face type.

If this is your first time picking a nose pin for yourself, here are a few important factors that you need to keep an eye out for.

If you want studs

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If you are a fan of nose studs, make sure that you have a broader nose shape because it suits well on such nose shapes only. In case you have a narrow nose shape but you still would want to wear a stud, we’d suggest looking for a smaller nose stud design that would look good on your nose design. The one good thing about nose studs is that they work seamlessly with almost every attire.

If you want septum rings

Now, this can be a tricky one, especially because the septum rings aren’t suitable for every face shape and type. It gives a bold and edgy look and if you are going for that, we’d suggest you get that for your nose. As for the designs, there are quite a few amazing options that you can look into. Some come with a broader and edgy design while the remaining ones come with a delicate and dainty design. And if you have a passion for toe rings, check out Puravida Bracelets.

If you want hoops

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These are a hit or miss among women. Some women prefer a simple gold ring design while some women prefer a very bold and thick design. If you are looking for ones to pair with the traditional attires, we’d suggest you look out for the ones with pearls and diamonds in them. Hoops are amazing for women with a round or fuller face. The hoops have a very universal design that makes them ideal for wearing with both Indian and western dresses.

If you want Bali

For women who like to make heads turn when they enter the room, bali is a pretty unique nose ring that one can look into. It is suitable for almost all face shapes, making it ideal for any woman to buy and sport. But, if you are wondering what kinds of attires of occasions they work well with, we’d suggest you blend them in with the traditional dresses because of the design.

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We hope these little tips give you a better idea about the kind of nose rings you can invest your money on. The majority of the nose rings are suitable for multiple nose shapes and sizes, making them ideal for anyone and everyone. Remember that fashion is for everyone. So, if you are comfortable and confident about the way you look, no one can tell you otherwise.

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