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Burning Crusade Boost

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In 2007, fans of the legendary game World of Warcraft fell in love with their favorite shooter once again. The improved version of Burning Crusade was released.

This update is notable with flying animals, professions, new playable races, more locations in Outland, and much more. But the changed parameters confused players a little because certain settings were complicated. Check out fitgirl repacks

Game Leveling Up Becomes More Accessible

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Boosting WoW Burning Crusade is a great solution to enjoy the gameplay and not waste time opening new locations, completing missions, obtaining armor and weapons, and doing other activities. Beginners can be discouraged so they seek help for Burning Crusade boost from experienced players. 

When the gameplay goes further and becomes more difficult, then you are no longer so interested. You want to finish quests faster to get to the highest levels. And here, the gameplay can be improved through the TBC Leveling Bundles, TBC Dungeon Bundles, and TBC Reputation Bundles. With the help of professional players, users can order:

  • All Raid Reputations – $2629,05 instead of $3093.
  • Silver Dungeon Package – $94,50 instead of $105.
  • Bronze Dungeon Bundle – $56,70 instead of $63.

Why Do Customers Choose Boosting? 

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CakeBoost service does all the boosts manually without using bots, cheats, or other fake ways to improve your character. Only professional platform boosters see customer information. 

Clients receive the maximum cheapest service in the shortest possible time. Select the type of boost you need and click the “buy” button. Discuss all the details with a specialist and take an upgraded account. 

Special Offers Noone Can Miss

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Clients of the service receive affordable prices and high discounts. Cool hot deals and special promotions to purchase useful improvements of any category. Users can also use the promo code to get a 7% discount, enter “SWEETCAKE” in the appropriate field.

The company offers great opportunities with good discounts: 

  • Medium Leveling Package with 15% OFF, you can buy it at $347.65 instead of $409.
  • All Zone Reputations with 15% OFF, take it with $1369.35 instead of $1611.
  • Starter Leveling Package with 10% OFF, you purchase it at $136.80 instead of $152.
  • Bronze Dungeon Bundle with 10% OFF, the price is $56.70 instead of $63. 

You may choose to be assisted by an expert or get an incentive to play the game on your own with the reliable CakeBoost service. A team of professionals will help you during training to make your hero more advanced and dangerous to enemies.

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