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Guide to the Kotara Tier List

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This Kotara tier list is designed to give newcomers a good idea of the most powerful Kotara heroes in the game. Kotara is a multiplayer online battle arena that can be played on mobile devices, as well as on PC and Mac computers. Kotara was released in 2013 by Giant Entertainment, an American video game developer based out of San Diego, California. Kotara has seen its fair share of changes since then with new heroes being added to the roster every few months or so. The Kotara community has also grown exponentially over time which means there are now plenty of great resources for newer players like you!

The following list will detail some information about each hero’s abilities and how they play into Kotaran society:

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Kotara – Kotara is a ranged Kotaran who specializes in using his abilities to clear out enemies from afar. He can also melee pretty well too if needed and darts back into the shadows with ease when he needs to escape. Kotara’s versatility makes him one of my favourite heroes!

Augustus – Augustus is an agility Kotaran who specializes in melee combat. He is Kotara’s counterpart when it comes to fighting enemies up close and personal which means Kotara can hang back out of the enemy’s vision and provide Augustus with some cover fire while he moves into position!

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Arachna – Arachna is a Kotaran who has abilities that are more suited towards Kotara’s aggressive playstyle – she is the Kotara who specializes in assassinating her enemies at close range.

Noxus – The Kotaran with a dark and mysterious past, has abilities that allow him to get right up on an enemy so that Arachna can take them out from afar or Kotara can deal some damage to them!

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Taryn – Kotara’s support who can heal her allies as well as provide them with buffs that will help their survivability in battle!

What does Kotaran mean?

Kotaran is Kotarnan word for Kotara. Kotarans are proud people who live in the southernmost country of Kotarnan.

Kotara vs Kotarnan?

Although there is some debate about this, many scholars believe that Kotarians speak with a slight accent and that Kotarna was their original homeland!

What does “Tier List” mean?

A Kotara tier list is a ranking of Kotarans based on their strength in battle, with the strongest Kotaran at number one.

Kotara tier lists are often created by Kotaran players who rank Kotarans in order of their strength.

Kotara Tier List:

Kotara, Kotaran Leader and Queen

Kotarans are well known for their leadership skills. Kotara is a natural leader who can heal her allies as well as provide them with buffs that will help their survivability in battle!

Kotarnan Warrior

Kotarna’s warriors have served the country of Kotarna faithfully for generations and their strength is unmatched by any other Kotara. Kotarnan warriors are the most powerful Kotarans, able to defend themselves easily from a group of enemies with only one hand!

Kotara’s Medic

Kotara can heal her allies as well as provide them with buffs that will help their survivability in battle! Kotara’s medic is the most important Kotaran because they can heal allies, provide buffs to make Kotarans more powerful and have a personal shield that allows them to tank for their team.

Kotara Bowman

Kotarnan archers are known for their skill with a bow as well as their agility on the battlefield. Kotara Bowmen are a force to be reckoned with because they can deal out massive damage from afar while remaining safe!

Kotara Assassin

Kotara assassins are Kotarans who want to focus on quick and easy kills. Kotara’s have the ability to teleport, move quickly while stealthed, use poison bombs to weaken their opponents before going in for a kill as well as using stealth abilities that will make them almost invisible! Kotara assassins also have a great range with their arrows, so they can kill from a distance with ease.

Kotara Elementalist

Kotarans who choose to become an Elementalist has the ability to control fire as well as ice magic! Kotara mages are powerful because of their spellcasting abilities which allow them to burn down enemies and freeze opponents in place. Kotara Mages also have the ability to summon a creature like Frostbite which will freeze enemies in their tracks! Kotara mages also use ice magic in order to create walls that can block opponents and cause damage. Kotara Mages are very versatile because they have many different options for defending themselves while doing as much damage as possible, this is why Kotarans who want to specialize in ice magic or fire magic would do well with Kotara.

Kotara Guardian

Kotarans who choose to become a Guardian is the tank of all tanks! Kotara Guardians have an ability called “Guardian’s Strength” which allows them to shield themselves from damage while also being able to increase their armour and weapon defence. Kotara Guardians are also able to use “Guardian’s Shackles” which lets them bind enemies in place and deal damage over time. Kotarans who want to become a tank with the ability to do some decent damage would be best suited as a Kotara Guardian!

Kotara Scholar

Kotarans seeking knowledge often choose Kotara as their realm to study. Kotarans who choose Kotara Scholar is able to use “Scholar’s Insight” which increases armour, weapon defence and health regeneration while also boosting mana capacity and mana regeneration rate! Kotara Scholars can also learn the ability “scholar’s grace” that lets them cast a shield on themselves or an ally. Kotarans who want to be a powerful support class should look into Kotara Scholar!

Kotara Shadow Kotaran priests use shadow magic, which involves inflicting damage on enemies or healing allies. Kotara Priests can also learn the ability “shadow’s blessing” that lets them grant themselves and an ally increased armour for 15 seconds and also inflict damage to nearby enemies. Kotara Priests are a powerful support class and should be considered for the Kotara tier list!

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