Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2: The Complete Point System, Tiers and Best Characters


It’s time for Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 to receive its ultimate tier list! Guilty Gear Xrd is one of the most popular fighting games on the planet and it’s no surprise that there are so many people out there who want to know which character is best. This Guilty Gear Xrd rev2 tier list will go over everything you need to know about every character in Guilty Gear, including their rankings, strengths and weaknesses.

Guilty Gear Xrd rev. is the latest in a long line of Guilty Gear games that have been popular with gamers for some time now. Guilty Gear features an innovative combat system where players can choose from dozens of different fighters and engage enemies up close or at the range, using powerful moves to fight their opponent!

Tiers: Guilty Gear features a unique tier list which you can see here, with every character ranked according to their power and ability in combat! These are the ranks for Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. There are many tiers in Guilty Gear and what character you play as will depend on your fighting style, so be sure to read up on the tier list for more information!

This Guilty Gear tier list is an in-depth breakdown of every character’s abilities, play style and ranking! It includes tips for beginners on how to choose the right fighter to suit your needs based on what kind of game you want to get into. The Guilty Gear fighters all have their own unique move sets and abilities that make them a good fit for different styles. There are Guilty Gear characters who specialize in close-up combat, such as Slayer or I-No, while others excel at ranged attacks like Sin Kiske.

Tier one:

Ky Kiske: Ky is a Guilty Gear veteran and one of the most well-balanced characters in all Guilty Gear games. He has great mobility, strong combos and an incredible ranged attack that can take out opponents from across the map!

Millia Rage: Millia is a versatile fighter with a decent range who specializes in aerial combos.

Johnny: A Guilty Gear classic, Johnny is a fast fighter with decent range and hard-hitting combos.

Tier two:

May: May has the longest ranged attack in Guilty Gear games but isn’t very strong at close range combat so it’s best to keep her away from opponents as much as possible! She can also fire a projectile that can take out opponents in one hit!

Zato-One: A Guilty Gear veteran, Zato is good at close range combat but has weak ranged attacks.

Elphelt Valentine: One of the best Guilty Gear characters for beginners as she’s very easy to use and has powerful combos.

I-No: I-No is a Guilty Gear character who specializes in aerial combos.

Tier three:

Jam Kuradoberi: Jam has some of the best offensive projectiles and her defensive capabilities are also pretty good, but she’s not very fast or agile so it can be hard to get around opponents when they’re blocking!

Potemkin: A Guilty Gear veteran, Potemkin is the toughest character in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev.

Tier four:

Axl Low: Axl’s main strength is his speedy combos but he also has powerful projectile attacks.

Kliff Undersn: Kliff is a Guilty Gear newcomer and has the ability to absorb Guilty Energy from his opponents, which can be used as an instant kill attack!

Tier Five:

Zato-One: Zato’s abilities revolve around stuns and ranged projectiles so he’s great for shutting down an opponent’s play.

Johnny: Johnny is a Guilty Gear veteran with strong combos and counters that can be used to shut his opponents down.

Chipp Zanuff: Chipp has the ability to improve both offensive and defensive abilities based on what items he uses, so it’s important for him to collect them!

Tier six:

Venom: Venom can transform his own body into one made up of Guilty Energy, which gives him powerful close-range attacks!

Potemkin: Potemkin has the ability to knock his opponents back with a series of punches or throws, and can use Guilty Gear’s “Guard Point” mechanic to change their trajectory.

Ky: Ky is able to travel across long distances using an attack called “Blazing Fists,” which leaves behind him fire that damages any opponent he touches.

Tier seven:

Zato-One: Zato One is the final boss of Guilty Gear Xrd.

Potemkin: Potemkin can be very difficult to fight against at close range because his attacks have a fast startup and he can deal a lot of damage in just one combo.

Tier eight:

A.B.A.: A B A has a single projectile attack and can be difficult to play against ranged characters who are able but predictable in their approach, making them easy targets for her attacks.

Johnny: Johnny is the Guilty Gear version of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots with his slow speed and low stamina being offset by his high-damage potential.

Baiken: Baiken is a charge character with strong moves that can create some difficult matchups against other characters, but these traits mean she has to be played carefully and patiently or her opponent will have the chance to strike back.

Ky Kiske: Ky’s rock hard armour offers him great defensive options while his ability to shoot projectiles from afar and his powerful melee attacks make him a great character.

Tier nine:

Potemkin: Potemkin has excellent mobility and can deal a lot of damage with his moves, but he is also easily knocked down due to the low range on some attacks.

Zato-One: Zato-One has strong ranged abilities that allow him to close in for melee combat and create difficult situations for opponents with his tricky moves.

Arakune: Arakune has the ability to create difficult matchups for opponents with his fast flying, but he is a very risky character because of how easy it is to get hit by all attacks while in this form.

Tier ten:

Sol Badguy: Sol is powerful in close combat and can deal a lot of damage with his moves, but he cannot use the same attacks for prolonged periods of time.

Chipp Zanuff: Chipp’s ability to jump and attack from mid-range makes him a strong fighter, but opponents can easily interrupt his combos with quick attacks.

Baiken: Baiken has the ability to create fast combo chains that make it difficult for opponents to break through her tight defences.

Ramlethal Valentine: Ram has the ability to deal a lot of damage with her long-ranged attacks and quick combos that let her approach opponents from afar.

Axl Low: Axl’s powerful ranged abilities make it difficult for opponents when they are too close together or too far away.