How To Create The Perfect Home Office

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With COVID-19 giving way to millions of Brits working from home, the surprise of suddenly having to move from the comfort of your office to your own home came as a shock. In the panic, a lot of us had to set up in the kitchen, dining, living and bedroom which is far from ideal! So with this being said, it doesn’t look like we’re all going to be returning to the office any time soon and it’s time we thought about making our own home office. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to make your office, here are some tips to help you get it the perfect working environment…

Right Room

This may sound obvious, but choosing the right room is very important, as it can really help with your concentration. As we are sure you are aware, you will want to work without lots of distractions so a place in your house which is quiet is a must. For example, we would not recommend setting up camp in the kitchen or living room, lots of chance to talk to passers by! Also don’t pick a room that’s too big, as it will most likely get used as the dumping ground! 


Most of us are lucky enough to have plenty of natural lighting, so a window that isn’t shadowed by trees us preferable. Although not bad by any means, natural light is much better for working in and much nicer, however we do need artificial light for those dark November evenings. Purchase a good lamp or install spot lights to keep 

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Of course, as much as we need a practical office, décor is of course an important factor to get you in the working mood. Most people use minimalistic décor, to again avoid distractions and stimulation. If you’re having a complete revamp, then flooring is a good place to start. Luxury vinyl tiles is a highly practical option, or solid wood flooring for a glamorous touch. In terms of the wall, calming neutral colours work well for a blank canvas to evoke calming, concentrating feelings.


While a desk and comfortable office chair is an obvious must, it’s certainly worth taking the time to discover what other furniture might make your home office that bit more special. Why not consider a corner desk? They don’t really take up any more space than a normal desk, but with twice the space!