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Small-Space Hacks: Convert Your Garage Into A Living Space

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Converting your garage into an additional living space allows you to maximize your existing square footage without the expense of major structural renovations. This should be high on your priority list if you need extra space in your home to accommodate a growing family; and have a garage that could do better than accumulating clutter. 

Aside from saving you from the costs of a full-scale house extension, a garage conversion is also a project that creates minimum disruption to your life while work is underway. Here are the reasons why you should convert your garage into a living space.

Let’s explore a little further the benefits of turning an unused garage into a living space. 

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• Adds value to the property – When properly planned and executed, a garage conversion can add as much as 10% to the property value. Make it a usable property by using georgian windows from timbawood. 

• Additional living space Whether you are converting it into a guest room, home office, entertainment room, gym, family room, etc., a garage conversion gives you just enough space to accommodate your lifestyle. 

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• Cost-effective – As said above, the cost of a garage conversion can be cheaper compared to other alternatives such as extensions and loft conversions assuming that you do it on the cheap. It also offers the option to leave a portion of the garage unchanged for storage space, if losing it is a concern. 

In this case, DIY garage cabinets can help you stay organized even when you are downsizing your garage. Click on the link to see how you can build one from scratch in under two hours. You will also find other storage options to keep your small tools, large containers, and everything in between—making them useful even in your newly-converted garage. 

The Basics of Converting a Garage to a Living Space 

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There is no one right way to turn a garage into a living space. It’s not guaranteed to be cheap either. But, plan it accordingly and you’ll hardly go wrong with elevating an unused space into one that’s beautiful and functional. 

• Increase ventilation. Add enough windows to allow natural light to enter and air to circulate. You can also opt to install some vents to further improve circulation. 

• Insulate the ceiling and walls. In most cases, garages have drywall for the walls and ceiling. You can keep the existing drywall or remove and replace it with insulation. 

• Raise the floor height. Garages are usually built lower than the house. While it’s not necessary, it’s ideal to elevate the garage floor and level it with the rest of the house. But, make sure to maintain at least 7 ½ feet of ceiling height. 

• Install floor covering. Laminate flooring, vinyl planks, tiles, and engineered wood are all great floor covering options. You can also opt to retain the concrete slab floor, which can easily accommodate carpets or other flooring solutions to save on costs. 

• Hide unsightly areas. Cover the areas you don’t wish to see in your garage with non-load-bearing walls. This can be anything from storage to the water heater, furnace, and laundry area.

Provide air conditioning. For the garage to be habitable, you should buy a window air conditioner and maintain a 70°F temperature in the room. which is the most affordable cooling option for your garage space.


• Add lights and outlets. Install at least one wall-mounted light switch in addition to the required one switch for a garage. You should also add outlets to meet minimum spacing requirements, which indicate that cords should be no farther than 6 feet to reach an outlet.

• Replace or insulate the garage door. This is a major decision you will have to make when converting the garage into a living space. You can keep it, but make sure to insulate the door. If, on the other hand, you are creating a room that doesn’t have a door leading to outside, then you will have to provide an escape window, at the least. 

Like the rest of your home, you can decorate your newly-converted garage however you like it. Whether you prefer to adopt your existing interior design or create an entirely different place, it all boils down to your style and taste. Just keep in mind that the goal here is to convert your garage into something that doesn’t look like, well, a garage. 


In conclusion, a garage conversion is generally an easy and cost-effective alternative to a full-scale home renovation. What’s even better is that it both adds value to your home and gives you additional space, without the stress involved with any other options. If you have any more tips on garage conversion, leave a comment below! Don’t forget to share this with your friends, too! 

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