Why do bamboo sheets feel like silk?

bamboo sheets

Do you happen to look for new bedding items or bedsheets to buy? Then, your most likely options are silk or bamboo sheets, right! Because these two are the most lavish sheets with durable fabric on the market at this point. Due to their high similarities, both often cause the buyer dilemma. 

You can find many resources online if you want to compare both. However, both these linens are comparatively the same. If you touch a well-make quality bamboo sheet, it would feel so soft and smooth at hand. You might even mistake it for silk if not seen earlier. 

So, how will you decide what to buy, bamboo sheets or silk? Let us help you make a quick decision. 

If you ask us, our quick suggestion will be the bamboo sheets. We don’t want to be biased or degrade the high position of silk materials. But in the case of bamboo sheets, they are simply better property-wise and will give the user a very comfortable sleeping experience. 

At this point, everyone must know that bamboo makes eco-friendly fabric. That is why there are varieties of bamboo products on the market like toothbrushes, baskets, straws, etc. Due to their undeniably high-quality properties, bamboo sheets are often compared to silk sheets.

To understand why bamboo sheets feel like silk, it would be better to start with the basics of bamboo.

Bamboo sheets

Bambo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the tropics. They are evergreen. Bamboo fiber is the perfect material for producing various quality products like cups, toothbrushes, sheets, mats, plates, etc. It is pretty eco-friendly but equally sustainable. 

Unlike any other bamboo products, bamboo sheets feel a lot more like silk because of some similarities in their properties. 

How bamboo sheets are silk are similar? 

While there are many differences between these two, the similarities make them competitors. 

  • Both bamboo sheets and silk give off a luxurious feel to the user. 
  • Both the fabrics have breathable properties. 
  • Their pricing structure of them is more or less in the same range. 
  • Both possess hypoallergenic properties. 
  • While both are durable fabrics, they require proper and gentle maintenance and care. 
  • Both are skin-friendly and good for hair to sleep in.

So, do you now get why bamboo sheets feel like silk! 

Now, let’s get down to how bamboo sheets differ from silk. And perhaps a better choice. 

The significant distinction between bamboo sheets and silk sheets. 

This difference will help you decide which sheets to get, bamboo sheets or silk sheets. 


We know that both are pretty durable fabrics. They are easy to clean and maintain. But, bamboo sheets can be easily washed in a machine multiple times as long as they are adequately cared for. It can even be air-dried to retain the freshness of the fabric. It is non-absorbent material and won’t discolor easily. 

On the other hand, even though silk can be machine-washed, it can be easily damaged if you are careless. They might even need professional cleaning if you fear damage. And mind you, professional cleaning service for silk products does cost a lot. 


The central superior point of bamboo sheets is that they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Disposing of them is not a challenging task, unlike other fibers. But, silk is also a renewable resource. 


Bamboo fibers are known for being a solid yet soft and durable material. The bamboo fibers produced are strong, better, long, smooth, and have a silky texture. Stretched bamboo fibers tend to be more durable and cannot be easily torn. 

But silk is a delicate fabric. If you get poor-quality and poorly produced ones, they might just tear and snag with your nails. Due to its high sensitivity and delicacy, silk is expensive. But, 100% mulberry silk can be pretty sustainable. 

Fabric breathability 

Suppose we consider the breathability factor if these sheets, bamboo, come on top. You can use bamboo sheets in any weather condition. In summer, it will wick any moisture and give you a relaxed feel to the skin. In winter, it will absorb body heat and make the surroundings warm. The micro-gaps in the bamboo fibers allow the air and moisture to regulate and create the right temperature. 

On the other hand, silk is more of warm material. If you sleep on them for too long, you might feel heat developing. Unlike bamboo sheets, silk can do nothing about body heat or sweat as the fabric has no breathing space. 


Whatever we buy, affordability is always the main factor. In this case, bamboo products are better and more affordable choice. The type of production process does not influence the cost of bamboo sheets. You can get branded and high-quality plus certified bamboo sheets for as low as $150. 

However, silk is expensive. Only the low-quality silk sheets will be available for cheap. Genuine silk sheets will cost you about as high as $800. 

That being said, we hope this guide helps you make a better-informed choice.