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How Much Do Engagement Rings Cost Nowadays?

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A wedding or engagement always carries many nerves since there should be much to be done. Couples start calculating their budget and think of all the preparations including restaurants, and suits. Yet, the first purchase always starts with the engagement ring which is not a piece of cake when it comes to choosing. Let’s overlook the current prices for such an important piece of jewelry.

2021 Prices on Diamond Engagement Rings

Those who plan to purchase an engagement ring are most likely to seek something special but at the same time affordable. Yes, it is not bad that one looks for an opportunity to save money. Today, men or women may get cheap diamond engagement rings with It is a place where affordability meets quality without any sacrifices. Let’s check their prices.

  • A round-cut diamond ring with 0.45-1.60 CT is available at $719;
  • A round-cut diamond ring with 0.55-1.70 CT is only $997.99.
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Such prices are too good to be true, however, they are real, and come directly from the factories.

If you look for wedding bands, their prices are even lower. For instance, a round-cut diamond ring with 0.25 CT for her will cost you $445.99 only. While many other stores may charge you for such jewelry starting from $1,000. At PrimeStyle, you may also divide your payment in installments if you do not possess the right sum of money as of now. You should not postpone your engagement because your salary is not yet in your pocket. Choose between 3,6 and 12 months, and pay when you feel convenient.

How Is the Price for Diamond Wedding Bands Dictated?

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Normally, good sellers distribute engagement/wedding rings at factory prices. They do not want to fool clients but attract them with tasty promotions. Some stores do also cut the prices for jewelry with a seasonal sale or discounts. Luckily,  discounts are available every day, however, their cost for gems and stones is already reduced as much as possible.

Do not forget that the cost may also depend on the specialties and material you want to have your rings with. Gold rings with diamond and much CT will cost you more than $700, while small CT rings may be found at $400-$500. Last but not least criteria which greatly affects the price is customization. For instance, ladies want their rings with the initials of their partners. Or, some girls want to have a non-trite color for jewelry such as black or platinum. If you do not have many requirements and look for fine and affordable “diamond wedding rings near me”, PrimeStyle may accommodate all your preferences. Send them your preferred design with photos or sketches, and rest assured knowing the craftsmen will do their best to create and polish your ring.

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Finally, if you require any consultation, ensure a store is happy to guide you through their best options. You as a client should be treated like a king/queen.

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