Things to look for while picking on online shopping sites in India

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Online shopping is becoming highly popular these days. But with more and more sellers and competition creeping up in the online market, it becomes a real tough nut to crack when it comes to picking a shopping website. Internet shopping can be tricky at times and thus can confuse you as to which shopping site to stick to while making a purchase. But this guide will sort it out and make things a little less complicated. Read further to know a few things that you should look for in online shopping sites in India to make your online shopping an easy breeze:

Look for free shipping

What turns out to be a disappointing affair when you come out with happy faces to make the payments during the checkout process? ‘To see your final bill added with shipping cost.’ Who would like to pay that extra money? No one actually does! All they may want to pay is the price for what they have shopped.

Also, there may be times when customers might have purchased a low price t-shirt but still may be required to pay some hefty shipping bills. This can turn out to be highly frustrating at times. Thus always go for websites that offer free shipping. There are various websites that offer free shipping, and if at least not free shipping, they should charge low shipping costs, so you can consider shopping on such sites to save yourself from paying extra bucks.

Company Return policies

Before you make a purchase on any of the online shopping sites in India, always make it a point to check on the return and exchange policies. Though there are multiple websites that offer free returns and exchange, there are a few that do not follow the same rules.

Therefore, do check out such policies before shopping so that you do not end up in tears when you happen to find that your shopped stuff is not good to go with your style or doesn’t fit you well. Also, check if there is a cost deduction for making returns and exchanges so that you get a clear picture of what is exactly going to happen when you return or exchange a package. 

Gift options

There may be times when you might want to shop online and send the same as a surprise to someone else who resides at a distant place. In such a case, the surprise should go as a real surprise wrapped in gift paper, isn’t it? Thus, look for websites that offer a gift wrap option to keep your surprise real. There are many websites that add a personalized touch by wrapping your parcel as a gift with customized cards to show your love, and such websites should be your top Pick and pack.


Who doesn’t like to shop availing some huge discounts and offers? Everyone would say a ‘yes’ to it. So look for authentic online shopping sites in India that can spoil you with good deals and discount offers serving to be a perfect treat for your shopping instincts. Also, there are many shopping sites that give coupons for your purchase that can be used for the next purchase. Consider checking out such deals and offers that prevail before you shop so that you can gain more bang for your bucks. 

Trustworthy websites

Falling prey to malicious websites is the last thing that you would want to encounter while shopping online. So always go in for websites that are authentic and have a couple of good customer reviews. May it be personal data or your credit card and debit card details, all can be put at stake if you happen to register yourself on malicious websites.

So stay sane, and despite all the alluring offers you may find on a website, always pick on those websites that can actually build trust and are committed to customer satisfaction.


These were a few things that you should look for while picking on favorite online shopping sites in India. These factors will not only get you a chance to shop on the most authentic websites but will also bless you with deals and offers to cherish. So, the next time you kick-start an online shopping day, make sure that you check out these factors to be in a win-win situation.