Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How To Create Instagram Games And Challenges to increase Engagement

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Instagram games and challenges have been growing at an unprecedented speed not only to grow your engagement but also the following. The influencers and marketers are calling these fun games and challenges the most powerful content on Instagram right now. With Instagram stories, you can even witness the ‘ New Challenge Sticker’ that has recently been rolled out by Instagram to encourage Instagrammers to create the most trending content of 2020. Read the blog till the end If you are interested in kickstarting a challenge or game.

Tips to Create fun games and challenges in Instagram

Follow these tips to foster the growth of your Instagram handle and also to get creative and fun with the audience. Buying Instagram followers from Stormlikes is also a way to dramatically increase the following.

  • Just like a viral meme or the quality content, make it intriguing, fun, and eye-catching or something that can spark joy.
  • If you want maximum people to be part of the challenge or game, make sure it is easy as most people are reluctant to do a game or challenge when it is complicated or hard to do.
  • Leveraging what is going on social platforms like twitter, Tiktok or Instagram is the best way to spark a trend. Since trends are everything in Social media.
  • Your ultimate mission should be involving maximum people and compelling them to do just that meaning ‘Call For Action’ is a must when it comes to creating a game in order to grow your audience.
  • The most critical step is to make the challenge or game as your brand. Similar to anything else in social media, it is critical to incorporate unique names and hashtags to your business. having a unique hashtag will helo you to easily track all the engagement growth and result.
  • After doing the above-mentioned step, the next step is to incentivize. The other most crucial step is to let your audience know what benefit they are likely to get if they participate in the challenge or game-like will you be sharing it in your stories or feed.
  • Now the next step is to think like normal people and see if it can help you to successfully participate in the game. The easy accessibility, easy involvement and important instructions to get ready are important.
  • The next step is asking support from your friends and there should not be any shame in doing so. Start it with your friends, co-workers, and employees.
  • One thing that should be remembered while creating a game is that consistency is required in order to create digital footprints. You can turn the game into a branded series for better results.
Instagram Games


The Instagram challenge is the new way to create digital footprints where you are asked to tag a friend, nominate someone to perform the task and it goes on. There were many creators including Bailey Stannworth who claimed to have more engagement, impression and reach after creating an Instagram game.

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