How to market on Instagram?

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If you are looking to win on Instagram, you have come up with an article. In this article, we want to tell you what are the principles of marketing on Instagram and what points you should follow in Instagram marketing. First, you need to know what the marketing concept is!

Marketing means branding a potential customer. Any method that leads to such a result is called marketing. If you want your instgram handle to become engaging, then you can certainly get popular with iDigic’s help. So know here that the instructions that you will follow below are principles for attracting the maximum target audience on Instagram, not sales. Of course, in a separate article, we will explain how to sell on Instagram and its tricks, but it must be seen before selling, and this is the responsibility of marketing.

Marketing checklist on Instagram

In this section, we are going to give you a very valuable checklist so that you know where to start and what path to take to succeed in order to start marketing on Instagram. This is you and this is your Instagram marketing checklist:

Research on the topic of brand and its market on Instagram

Research on brand competitors, best competitors, best posts, and stories

Write a checklist of features, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors

Get a checklist of features and strengths, tone and sound of our brand

Identify target users, what gender they are most, what class they are from, what they are interested in, and…

Get popular hashtags on activity topic

Create thematic categories for post, story, and IGTV production

Content planning and content calendar production

Use locations in posts and stories to attract the maximum local audience

Use interactive tools in stories

Generate valuable and engaging content

Targeted advertising

1- Industry review on Instagram

What percentage of market share do you intend to acquire? Does your Instagram industry have room for growth and marketing? Is the subject of your activity such that its audience is present on Instagram? These are important questions that we need to address in examining the brand issue on Instagram.

2- Checking competitors on Instagram

Find your best competitors. The ones that produce content better and have a highly interactive page. Yes, you have to compete with them. So prepare yourself for a breathtaking and tough competition. Find the best posts from your competitors, find out why they are the best, and use them in your content.

3- Characteristics of competitors

Go to Top Posts by searching for hashtags and see why some of the content on Instagram is the best post in that hashtag. Find the characteristics of your competitors. So is their weakness. Their characteristics are the things that you must or should have like it or better, and their weaknesses are the things by which you can make a difference for the audience.

4- Features, tone and sound of the brand in the content

Find out about your brand features. Why should Instagram users like your posts? Why should they follow your page? Why should they send your post to their friends? Why should they answer the question in your story? You need to include these reasons in your content. A brand’s approach to the content produced must also be conveyed to the audience.

5. Audience personality

Knowing who your main audience is is very important. Many people are looking for followers these days. But believe me, having 1000 Instagram followers Australia is better than having 100,000 inactive and non-targeted followers. So first try to create a filter to minimize the target audience and then act accordingly. If you want to know more about the audience persona, read the article What is the audience persona?

6- Instagram hashtags

Find four hashtags based on your business theme. The first is the popular hashtags (meaning the hashtags that are most used in your brand theme), the second is the hashtags with the average usage rate and the third is the hashtags with the low usage rate. Finally, create custom hashtags for your brand. Now use the combination of these hashtags in your posts and stories to be seen more. Do not forget two important points: First, do not put duplicate hashtags and put a hashtag appropriate for each post. Second, do not put too many hashtags in one post, up to 16 hashtags. Sometimes city or province hashtags can untie your knot!

7. Content categorization

You need content to get the most out of your audience, but you can’t tell everyone to come and buy it. See what products and services I have! You need to prepare a thematic category. For example, suppose we are a perfume and cologne store. We should formulate thematic categories as follows: challenge, educational, news (introduction of new brand products), display of sales and collection dynamics by the story, preferably daily, product categories, calendar and occasion posts, event posts, and…

8- Content calendar

You need to have a content calendar to apply to your page according to the category created. For example, specify in the calendar how many posts and stories you will post in the next 30 days, with what topics, and in what form and image.

9- Location

Using a location can attract a lot of local users in posts and stories. So do not worry about this point. You can also use the hashtags of the city, region, and province. In general, using the tools that are placed on Instagram, each of them will develop your page in some way.

10. Interactive tools in the story

Get live. Use interactive tools on Instagram such as a question, chat, energy, yes and no, and.. The higher the interaction in this section, the higher the view you will get in the stories, and the more people who follow you will be more likely to see your story first.

11. Create valuable content

We asked a series of questions above! Why should a user follow our page? You need to create these reasons in your content. Do not produce content at any cost! Content should be able to define the gender and tone of a brand. Communicate with the audience and encourage them to continue and follow.

12. Targeted advertising

Do targeted advertising. Do not sponsor Instagram contests because the followers you attract do not like you! Advertise on pages that you think your audience is most interested in.

Here are some tips for producing content for better marketing on Instagram.

Important points that can help marketing:

Take photos creatively

Audiences see more photos and follow the content that catches their eye at first glance. Try to choose photos that are smart and creative, and at first glance, in addition to the attractiveness of the photo, the concept is easily instilled in the audience.

The discount only includes followers

Set a discount for your products so that only your Instagram page followers enjoy this discount and there is no news about these discounts on your site.

Instagram is a good opportunity to introduce your site or profile

The best opportunity that Instagram gives you is to introduce your website or profile on other networks.

Using this method, you can direct users to your other pages and, by receiving their email address, send them new news every day, and even put a gift like a free e-book for people to join your site or channel.

Write a description that results in following you

Choose text to describe your profile that clearly states your reason for being followed and avoid inappropriate descriptions. Because the user will easily leave your page if they do not get a good reason to follow after reading your profile description.

Do not repeat content

One of the most important ways to market your Instagram is to make your content unique. They do not see a post on several pages and only follow one of these pages. Publish content that is unique to each page and does not appear on any of your pages.

Change your profile picture every month

It may seem a little strange, but by changing your photo every month, Instagram will consider you an active user. When Instagram finds you an active user, your page will be seen more in Instagram search results, and when you are seen in the first search results, your page will be more likely to follow.

Training makes sales

Try to teach users the first step you take to sell your products. When users do not know the reason and ways to use your product or even do not know what product is of higher quality, they do not show interest in buying. You can help customers make better purchases by offering a few tricks, or you can even convince customers that your product will be useful to them by offering benefits, Quantum Marketer says. You can also publish tutorials related to your product in the daily news on your page. For example, your product is a TRX sports brace. Publish.

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