Is toner necessary for skin care?

skin care

A skin toner is applied on the facial skin, mainly to cleanse it and reduce the appearance of poresIt is available in sprayable and mask versions as well. They resemble water in composition, but are formulated to pull out and absorb the impurities on the skin surface. The toner is then to dry on the skin surface. After it facial serum and moisturising creams are used for more complex makeup procedures. The toner skin care comes in mild to stronger composition suiting the needs of sensitive to normal and oily skin types.

Skin toners or skin fresheners also called skin tonics are the toners with 10-20% alcohol. The sensitive skin types can go for these. The oily and normal skin types can resort to acid toners and astringents. Alcohol levels are higher here than 20%. Salycilic, Glycolic and Lactic acids can be found in these. Along with humectants, antiseptic properties are blended in its water base. The humectants for instance glycerine, eucalyptus and aloe ensure that the acidic property does not evaporate quickly from the skin surface to the air.

Why Use A Skin Toner?

The first and foremost step to get your facial skin cleansed is washing it with a suitable face wash. Then comes the work of the skin toners. The very last traces, residues of dirt gets absorbed by these toners resting on your skin surface. The toner is applied and left alone. Serum and moisturization follows after a while. Use a soft cotton ball to dip it in non-sprayable toner and sweep it on your facial skin.

  1. They complete the cleansing action of the face washes and scrubs. It is the best way to finish up with clear and glowing skin.
  2. Mild toners cleanse the sensitive skin types. Since these are water based and having zero to very less concentrations of acids, the humectants are able to not let the acids evaporate and thus; cleanse the last remaining impurities in the skin pores.
  3. Acid toners and astringents being rich in alcoholic traces often give you a tingling sensation, which is actually not to be worried about. It is the acid content in these toners that works up its magic on the skin.
  4. The oily and sweaty skin types can benefit the most from the use of astringents and acid toners. These are antibacterial and soothing in nature. Germ build up is under check with a layer of toner right after the face wash action. Pat your skin dry after face wash. Then only apply the toner.
  5. Regular application of toners in the morning and before going to sleep at night, reduces or closes the skin pores which are usually visible during makeup applications. The skin is rendered tight, young and beautiful. Lines, wrinkles and the effects of aging are reduced considerably.
  6. In the long term, the toner accelerates the action of serums and moisturisers, as they nourish and hydrate the facial skin to its pinnacle of youth. The later application of cosmetics is smooth and fine with lesser pores to worry about on regular applications.
  7. The toners are blessed amongst the range of skincare products. As they can be used by almost everyone who loves to keep their skin healthy and vibrant to makeup touches.

Benefit from the dual action of cleansing and closing the open pores from catching in dirt, sweat and sebum. These block your skin from absorbing the nourishing components from the skin care products. The toners are the best answer to skin pore woes, to attain a younger skin texture. Face washes and scrubs cleanse your skin but, the toners are the ultimate cleansers of any residue of these and last remains of dirt in pores. Toners are safe for all kinds of skin, even the skin prone to acne and pimples can use these.

Just know the right toner for the best possible toner skin care routine for your unique skin texture. If you have sensitive skin then do not go for astringents and acid toners. Get the milder ones. 


Enlightened skin care product users know their skin types and assess the suitable toner based on that knowledge. The left out impurities in the pores is taken care of by these, for better results on pore contractions. The skin seems taught and overflowing with younger glow and strength. Skin toners used everyday contribute to the overall health of the skin to be ready anytime, to look vibrant with robust glow. Everyone can make use of a toner as these come in different concentrations and are compatible with peculiar skin conditions. Know your skin and toner types to match with the latter’s concentration and perfectly blended elements.